My Weekend Getaway to LA

As I sit on the plane headed back to Louisiana listening to this neo-soul playlist, I couldn’t help but sit and reflect on how amazing my weekend trip to Los Angeles was. This was probably one of the best weekends of my entire 23 years of living. Not just because I saw Kim, but because I really needed this trip, this moment, this fucking BREAK.

I landed in LA around 1:30 and made it to my downtown hotel around 2:15. I wanted to spend my Friday doing all the cheesy LA tourist shit. This was my 3rd time in LA, but this was my first time being an actual tourist. The previous times I was either working or on someone else’s schedule. Anyway, at 3:30 I went on this Access Hollywood tour that lasted around 2 hours. The tour is this bus with no walls (pause) which is cool except for the fact it was like 50 degrees in LA! I’m a Louisiana girl so 50 degrees is like below 0 to me. The tour was super cool. I saw a bunch of LA monuments, historic spots, and of course celebrity houses. My tour guide was talking slick about Kim and almost got his shit rocked, but I let it slide!


After the freezing cold ass tour, I went to the Madame Tussauds Hollwood Wax museum, which was the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE! I had sooooo much fun there! I saw the Betty White figure and I almost passed out! She looked so real. Of course I had to see my good sis Kylie at the museum!

After an hour or so, I went back to my room and passed out. I was super exhausted, but I was having such a good time! I slept and relaxed until 4 then I began getting ready for the Create and Cultivate event. Chrissy Tiegen was speaking when I first walked up. After Chrissy was done they told everyone to exit the room as they prepped for Kim. People left but stood outside the door eager to get of glimpse of KKW. I wanted to see Kim too, but those LA hoes were doing THE MOST, so I just stood to the side.

When they let us in, literally everyone took off running to get a good seat. I had a terrible seat but fuck it, I’m 6’1 and had 4 inch heels on…I knew Kim would see me! Kim began speaking and I was in awe! I mean yeah I’ve seen Kim numerous times but every time I’m amazed at how gorgeous she is. She’s such a beautiful woman. She is so well spoken and really thinks before she answers interview questions. As people started walking out, I eased closer and closer to the front of the stage. Such a scammer right! I finally got a decent seat. I looked at Kim and waved. She looked at me and waved back. Her best friend Allison asked her about her blonde hair and she said “I just tweeted how I’m over the blonde and Myleeza totally attacked me”. I screamed to let everyone know I’m Myleeza. It was so dope.

I had a gift to give to Kim, so I texted Tracy Romulus and asked her if I could give it to her to give to Kim. She said “Of course.” So my plan was to head to front of the stage to give the gift to Tracy.

Kim was done speaking and I made my way to the front stage. Her security asked me what was my name and I said “It’s Myleeza”. He said “Ok, Kim wants to see you backstage.” We walked backstage and there she was standing at about 3’3 and 70 lbs. Ok I’m exaggerating but she’s honestly so petite! We chatted for about five minutes, took some pics, made a video, introduced me to Allison, and I signed some papers because they were filming for the show. She had to leave so we hugged each other and left out of the side exit doors. I went back to my hotel room and packed my bags because my flight was for 6:40 am…too damn early!

All in all, I had a PERFECT weekend. Huge thank you to Kim, Tracy, and the entire Create and Cultivate staff for hosting an amazing event!