Ask Myleeza Pt. 7


  1. I am so happy God has blessed you in SO many ways. God is good, all the time! I wanted to ask you what are some of your favorite blessings you have received lately?

Amen, sista! My biggest blessing lately is having a praying mother and a very strong support group. Life has really been getting the best of me lately, but my Mom has been there praying for me and with me. My friends have also been there just to make me smile and laugh. I think we often take those things for granted.

2. have you ever met/ spoke to any of the other Kardashian/ Jenner sisters.

No, just Kim.

3. hey love, i was wondering do you ever get compensated for the stuff you do? im not asking for numbers, i respect your privacy, i just mean like promoting stuff, or working on the app, or the interviews, are they compensated for or do you just do it for love of kim? i love you!

Hey Ericka! I love you too. I don’t get paid for anything but interviews. I do promotional stuff and the things on Kim’s app for free because I really love Kim. She’s done so much for me! When I say she’s done so much for me, it’s not even on some fan shit and the materialistic gifts she’s given me, but solely as a woman. If all she asks in return is to do a few memes every other week then I’m all for it. It’s still helping me because I’m able to put it on my professional resume, which always impresses employers. Plus, I know small things will eventually led up to bigger things. I don’t look to get paid because I just really love doing it.

4. Does Kim ever tell you things about her upcoming projects??!

Yes!! All the time.

5. Have you gotten the email for the brunch yet? It’s end of August!!! Do you think you will be invited just because you’re like THE GOAT STAN

No, I haven’t. I probably won’t get invited again just because so many bitter fans will be on Kim’s ass about the “favorite” thing. I can see them now “How does Myleeza get to go again? That’s not fair! Ugghhh. wann wannn wannnn!” Ya’ll make it hard for a pimp man. lol

6. What’s one thing Kim has done for you that you haven’t told us about? If it’s not too personal.

Umm….she did something really sweet a few months ago, but I don’t want to tell. I don’t want a million people on my eggplant. haha

7. What are you favorite fan accounts?! You should do a blog about your favorite Kim/Kimye or Kanye pages!

Oh God. I don’t want to start World War III. I have favorites for different things. I go to some pages to get a good laugh. I go to some to see all the good pictures. Then some make me laugh because I can see them kind of following my blueprint and doing what I do and tweeting like me, but it’s all love! It makes me smile. It just depends really. Maybe I will make a favorite account of the week post every week. Good idea.

8. favorite song on yeezus?

Blood on the Leaves

9. What’s your favorite Red Carpet look on Kim?

Either Grammy’s 2010 or Met 2015

10. What do you REALLY think of Chyna?!

Honestly, it changes everyday. When I watch an episode of KUWTK where she was being an asshole, it makes me not like her. But, I have to keep in mind that these scenes were filmed months ago. I don’t think she’s a bad person, but I do think she had bad intentions at first. She’s likable and I like likable people. It’s weird how she’s morphing into Kim, but I really think she looks up to Kim and respects Kim. I don’t hate her, but I don’t absolutely love her either. I just think she’s okay and not as bad as people think.

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Myleeza Kardash


How My Breakdown Helped Me

I took a few days off from blogging because I was having a terrible ass week. It was really awful and I just did not want to spread that negative energy to all of you. If you follow me on Twitter, you would notice that I wasn’t being my normal happy, positive self. I was so down on myself. I felt like Carrie on the Sex and the City movie when the girls went on her honeymoon and she just wanted to sit in the dark. Ok well maybe that’s a bit dramatic lol, but I was having a rough week. Everything that could possibly go wrong was going wrong for me.

My mom constantly checked on me and prayed for me like most moms do. She supported me in every way possible, but as I’m starting to grow deeper in my 20’s, I don’t want to run to mommy like I’m still a baby. I want to feel grown. I want to feel liberated (ahh ahh). Word to Ye.

Like always, I shutdown a bit and spent some time thinking. One day, I got this beam of positivity just reassuring me that everything would be ok and everything is already handled. I knew it was God.

From graduating from college, to moving to a new state away from my family, to trying to find a entry level job that I love and fits me all at the young age of 21 and a fresh 22, my life was moving SO fast. I needed a wake up call. I need a yellow light that would tell me to slow my fast ass down. The breakdown I had was definitely that wake up call.

I think my breakdown was God’s way of telling me: “Sometimes everything has to breakdown before I show you your break through.”

I’m sharing this with you because I know someone that is reading this is probably going through the same thing. I just got out of my funk by doing a few simple things.

I listened to God’s wake up call telling me to SLOW DOWN. I prayed a little harder every night. Instead of shutting down and cutting off everyone, I talked to my friends about what I was going through. I took a long ride. I listened to my favorite songs. I bought a churro (Only because Kim loves them and sorry Kim, they aren’t all that good to me. lol) I looked at old pictures of my family, me with Kim, my friends, and my little puppy Kaino. I watched episodes of Golden Girls. I just did things that slowed me down and made me happy.

I try to rush life so much because I know how much potential and talent I have and I just want to do everything while I’m still young. What I realized is me rushing myself is  making me miss the step where I grow. It’s like trying to walk before you crawl.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not at the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps like Rocky with the theme music playing, but I do feel like my old self again. Sometimes life sucks, but that’s what makes life, life.

Like my fellow Louisianaian, Lil Wayne, said “Shit happens and since I’m the shit, I’m who it happens to.”

Logging out,


Why Body Shaming Kim Kardashian is Wrong

Recently, my girl, Kim Kardashian West, was photographed with her kids while on vacation in Mexico. Kim wore a super sexy white bathing suit while swinging North around. She was also spotted in a cute bikini while playing on the beach with both North and Saint.

3768B11500000578-3749639-image-a-186_1471644366156.jpg3760515D00000578-3747877-The_reality_star_introduced_her_eight_month_old_son_to_the_joys_-m-64_1471553957837.jpg(pictures from Daily Mail)

Twitter and Instagram went crazy with memes and other mean tweets and posts about Kim.

My whole thing is this; Kim is not self conscious about many things, but she is very conscious of her body. Mostly because she’s always judged and ridiculed so much about her body. When she’s 8 months pregnant, memes are made about her. Now that she’s at her smallest, memes are still made about her.

Everything goes back to this “ass to thigh” ratio debate with comparison pictures of her side by side with people known for their nice asses like Serena “GOAT” Williams.

For one, Kim is 5’2 and very petite. If you see her in person, she’s even smaller than she looks on TV and in pictures. Everything about her is mini size, tbh. When you see her in person, everything is perfectly proportioned.

You can’t compare a 5’2 petite, un-athletic (no offense Kim lol) woman to Serena Williams, a 5’10 super athletic and super built woman. Their bodies are different because they are completely opposite.

Kim’s legs are small because SHE is small and she’s constantly losing weight. Kim’s ass is big because it’s ALWAYS been big.

Now if someone were to body shame Gabourey Sidibe (shout out to all my fellow plus sized girls) it would be a HUGE problem and super mean right? Well what makes you think that body shaming Kim is funny but body shaming Gabourey is mean and cruel? Body shaming plus sized women is wrong and body shaming petite women is just as wrong.

Either way it goes, Kim is human. I know celebrities seem like these foreign, unrealistic people with no feelings or emotions, but they are human just like us. Their feelings get hurt, they get upset, and they get mad Just. Like. Us.

Like I always say….

FullSizeRender 40

Also like I always say: Debate ya granny, NOT ME.

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Myleeza Kardash


Ask Myleeza Pt. 6

  1. How is it like having the opportunity to message KKW at anytime you’d like (although I’m sure you don’t blow up her DM’s)? 🙂 It’s really, really dope! I used to be so nervous to DM her like my hands used to sweat and everything! LMAOOOOOO Now I don’t hesitate at all. She doesn’t hesitate either!
  2. Does Kim always respond when you message her Yep. Every time.
  3. If you could have the relationship like you do with Kim who would you like to have it with and why?Celebrity wise, no one. The life of celebrities is really cool, but no other celebrity interests me like Kim does. I can’t see myself stanning for any other celebrity, but Kim. Everyone else is so boring and overly private. Kim’s openness and “Take it or leave it” attitude is what makes me connect with her so much.
  4. Do you and Kim FaceTime?
  5. How was Kim’s assistant Step like when you met her? Why do you think Kim chose to have her as her assistant? As I’m sure she had many potential hires.
    Steph Shep is SOOOO cool!!! She could def be a part of the “Pink Ladies” group from Grease. She’s like the cool girl from high school that no one knows much about, yet every one knows that she’s super cool and dope. At Kim’s birthday brunch she randomly looked at me and said “You are so funny.” LOL I’m not sure why Kim hired her, but it’s probably because she’s the coolest, most well dressed bitch alive. She doesn’t look like your “normal” Hollywood assistant. I love her. She’s the reason why I’m over the memes on Kim’s site.
  6. Any tips to get out of a toxic relationship, how to get over a broken heart? I’m lost and just need more advice than “just get over it.”I can speak from experience when I say time heals all broken hearts. When I was heartbroken last summer, I just had to not see or hear from him for a while. I blocked and unfriended him on all my social media accounts. Within like 8 months or so I was so over him.
  7. Do you like Beyoncé?!She makes good music and is definitely a legend of our generation.
  8. As a black woman what is your take on this whole cultural appropriation with the braids and etc? I’m black my self and could care less if the Kardashians are wearing fake dreads of braids.Read my post Cultural Appropriation. I wrote all about this.
  9. How do you feel about KKW having another baby (whether it be natural, surrogacy, etc)? Her and Kanye do make the prettiest babiesI would love for her to have another baby, but I know it’ll be even harder than when she tried for Saint. I don’t think she’ll take the surrogate route.
  10. This really isn’t a question but I work at a Assisted living I was in a residents room she sighed & said she cannot find her favorite show,I asked her what show I could help she said “I wanna watch the Kim Kardashian show” I thought it was really cute hahaOMG this is SOOOO precious and cute!! Send her my love!!!


I’m running out of questions to answer! Remember, you can ask me literally anything and I will answer it. Ask questions by clicking here.

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Myleeza Kardash



Life After Yeezus

In all honesty, I had no idea that the story of me sitting with Kim at the concert and meeting Kanye would get much media attention. I was super naive and super young at the time. Plus, like I always say, when I’m with Kim I always forget that she’s this huge celebrity. She just seems so normal to me. She literally makes you feel like you’re her friend. Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian did an awesome job raising her.

When I woke up the next day, I was making headlines everywhere! I was on People, Cosmo, E!, Entertainment Tonight, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, NY Daily News, front page of Yahoo, plus more! I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited! At this time, being in articles and things really excited me, now I’m super chill about everything.

It was all fun until I started reading some of the comments made about me. Mind you I had just made 19 and that age is difficult enough as it is. People commented on everything from my race, my height, my weight, my hair, my clothing, literally ANYTHING. Sadly, most of the criticism was coming from my people in the black community. They were so upset that a black teenage girl’s favorite celebrity and idol was Kim Kardashian, a white woman.

This is still an issue to this day when a story with me and Kim blows up. A lot of people in the black community get pissed because I love and defend Kim and Kim is white. I know racial tensions are high in America, but I truly never see race with Kim and I’m positive she doesn’t see race with me. We’re just two people that clicked.

Anyway, I felt awful. I cried. I called my mom crying. I studied for my finals crying. I felt like Helga’s sister from Hey Arnold when she thought she made a B on her finals, just sad af! Mind you, I’m SUPER dramatic as it is, but my feelings were so hurt. It got to the point where I hated that it even happened. That’s how bad I was hurt. They picked me apart and I wasn’t used to that. I’m used to being loved and appreciated. They were so mean and nasty to me. I felt like shit. I didn’t even want to discuss it anymore.

It was a dark 2 weeks or so for me, but it was definitely a growing point in my life. I felt like I became Myleeza Kardash after that. The Myleeza Kardash that can now handle anything when it comes to the media.

I eventually bounced back and got a tattoo to remember that moment of how I let “THEY” get to me.

I promised myself when another opportunity like that with Kim comes around again, I will be ready for it. They will not get to me. I will fully enjoy it.

After the concert and growing pain, I was made of steel. That’s why no comments, tweets, or negative remarks get to me now. I’m built for this shit. I can take on literally anything now. It handled me after the concert, but now I know how to handle it. They got me once, but they will never get me again.

A lot of people ask if I’m still best friends with Sara. The answer is no. We don’t really talk over some things that transpired, but I do still consider her a friend based off the amazing memories we shared together. I’m still happy I shared that moment with her and I still love her dearly.

All in all, this Yeezus Tour story wasn’t an overnight story and it didn’t “randomly” happen. I feel like it was meant to be. I needed this to happen for me to grow as a woman and I needed this to happen to build the connection that I now have with Kim.

I hoped you enjoyed reading as much I loved sharing!

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash

Backstage with Kim and Kanye

Kim’s security led us down to the floor seats and I was amazed! It was all really happening. (It’s crazy how clear I can see this as I’m typing this) I kept looking around until I spotted the VIP riser. As I looked in the VIP riser, I saw this tiny hand waving and pointing at me while smiling. It was Kim! I pointed back all country like this.


We walked up the stairs to the riser and the first person I saw was Solange, Juelz, and Solange’s now husband.


We spoke to them and there she was KIM KARDASHIAN. She looked amazing! She stood up as I walked to her. She said “Hey Myleeza! How are you!” and I was like, screaming of course, “MRS. WEST IS IN THE BUILDING” Kim laughed so cute and Kim Kardashian like. Her friend Brittny and Brittny’s mom was with her and she said “This is my best friend Brittny!” and I said “This is my best friend Sara!” Sara looked all cheesy smiling hard af. She was def star struck!

So Kim told us to have a seat. I looked down and saw Saints player Will Smith and his wife Rockie, Kim’s friend. (Will sadly passed earlier this year in a tragic story.) We sat down and I looked at Sara like “I MADE THIS SHIT HAPPEN! LOOK WHERE WE AT!”


It seems like concert went by really fast after that. I clearly remember Kanye performing “Blood on the Leaves”. Every clique has a song that they play when they’re tryna get SUPER turnt and BOTL is that song for my clique. I remember waving my hands like crazy and Sara pulled me to the side like “Look bitch. Calm down. Cause if you lay a finger nail on Kim, Kanye gon kick our ass.” I was like “Yeah you right fam. Let me bring it down.” I wish ya’ll could see how we were dancing! We were going crazy! I remember little Juelz kept sliding closer and closer to his mom because we were really dancing like maniacs! Kanye was killing it! I remember Brittny tapping Kim and pointing at us and Kim just smiled. She really was happy we were having a good time!

Out of nowhere, Kim turned around and said “C’mon Myleeza. We have to take a picture together!” and I said “Yeah we do! I was waiting for you to say something!” lol So when we got our picture I thought it would be a typical fan celebrity picture, but Kim literally leaned in to my face and did the cutest duck lips. Then Sara said “Can I take a pic Myleeza? Ask her if I could have a pic” And Kim said “Of course you can!”



Kanye started performing Bound 2, which meant the concert was over. Then Kim turned around and said in her super strong Valley accent, “Myleeza, do you guys want to go backstage to meet Kanye?” I kid you not, I saw my edges walk out the side exit of the arena. I looked at Sara and just started screaming “YES!” People who were behind us in the stands starting hi-fiving me and all! I felt like a rockstar!

We were walking backstage, and I did this fast power walk so I could walk by Kim. As we were walking backstage, Brittny’s mom asked how did we know each other, before I could start telling the story Kim said “Oh I met Myleeza earlier this year at a fragrance appearance. She’s great!”


We started talking some more about her fans and people saying that she’s changed so much and other random stuff then there he came. KANYE.

Kim walked to Kanye as he came around the corner and her entire face lit up. She said “Kanye this is Myleeza and this is Sara.” Kanye smiled and said “Hey wassup?” I was like “Hi”. I sounded just like a lil b*tch ya’ll. LMAOOOO I was going for the handshake and he actually leaned in to HUG ME. I was soooooo turnt!

I starting rambling on thanking him for making Kim so happy and how he’s right, she does deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kanye just laughed and smiled the entire time. I kept going on and on and Kim literally took my phone out my hand and said “We all have to take a group pic together!”


We took our pic and talked a little more and Kim said “Ok Myleeza. We have to go. Love you! Drive safe!” I said “I love you too! Thank you for the best day of my life”

Now remember where I told you to remember the Kenny Vacarro part in the beginning? Mr. “Oh it’s about to start” when I asked for a picture? I saw him as we were walking out of meeting Kim and he said “How did you get back there” and I said “Oh I’m friends with Kim.” and he said “But how?” and I said “Because I am.” and said “Are they gone?” and I said “Yep.” and his girlfriend said “Aww, I really wanted to see Kim!” and said “Aww…WELP they’re gone!” Crazy how life works right? He tried to shit on me and I was where he wanted to be. BLOOP. 


I got to my car with Sara and just screamed, “WOW.”

Twas the Day of Yeezus

At this time, I was 19 years old and a sophomore in college at UL Lafayette. The drive from Lafayette to New Orleans is around 2 hours or so. Sara and I gassed up and hit the road to New Orleans.

The whole time on the way to the concert, I was telling Sara that I felt like something huge was about to happen. I could just feel it y’all, honestly!

We started walking up the to venue and I spotted Kenny Vaccaro, a safety for the New Orleans Saints. Mind you I’m a HUGE Saints fan so I ran up and asked for a picture. He agreed, but looked at his girlfriend and said “Oh God. Now it’s about to start. I told you.” Rude af right? Take note of this moment because it’s so funny how shit works out.

So Sara and I sat down. We had really good seats! Kendrick Lamar took the stage and I was bored out of my mind because I’m not a Kendrick Lamar fan. The only thing I could think about was “Where is Kim?! I gotta see Kim!” I kept tweeting that I was at the concert and Kim still didn’t tweet me back. I finally decided to give up. I looked like a sad ass lil puppy ya’ll. It was time for Kanye to take the stage, so I put my phone in my pocket and just focused on enjoying the show. Can’t win them all right?

FullSizeRender 38

Kanye was in like his 4th song on the set list and I was turnt AF!! In the middle of New Slaves, Granny Sara decided she had to go to the restroom. So I’m spitting New Slaves word for word and my phone starting buzzing out of control. I just knew that it was my mom calling because I forgot to tell her that we made it safely. I looked and *in my MTV voice* IT WAS KIM!!!! She tweeted me this now iconic tweet:

FullSizeRender 39

Sara was gone to the restroom, so I was alone with what felt like the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I remember looking around the arena in AWE. I’m like wait…is this real? Is this really happening? I was just starring at the people sitting next to me because they really had no idea what was about to happen next! Shit I didn’t either, tbh! I started sweating so hard. I didn’t know what to think, say, or even do! I tried to reply to Kim and my entire Twitter app crashed. I couldn’t do anything! So many people were tweeting me at once!

I ran to the restroom area so I can find Sara. I found her and just gave her the look. You know the look you give your friends? The “BITCH!” look. Every set of friends has the look. She instantly started screaming. I said “SARA KIM JUST TWEETED ME!!! SHE WANTS ME TO COME SIT WITH HER. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!! OMG!” It’s crazy how I can clearly see this like it happened yesterday!

I asked Sara to see her phone so I can log in to my account on her Twitter app. My hands were literally shaking while I was typing my seat number to Kim. I kept having to delete it and type it over. It looked like I was drunk texting! smh

I sent the message to Kim and we went back to our seats TURNT AF. We were soooo live! Sara tapped me and there was Kim’s security. He kept looking at me then looked at my seat number and I literally screamed “IT’S ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!” He asked to see my ticket, so I showed it to him and he said “Ok. C’mon. Kim wants you.” Sara was in my ear saying “Can I go too?” and I’m like “DUH. C’MON!” I’m such a good friend right? haha

So we were on our way to Kim. Watch this SUPER embarrassing footage of me and Sara walking to VIP to see Sara. I’ve never showed anyone this video before!




Yeezus Tour 2013: How it Happened

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo Tour” kicks off on August 25th in Indianapolis.

As the kick off date gets closer, I get hella tweets saying “I hope I can be the next Myleeza Kardash at the concert”. So I thought it would dope to give you guys details about the story play by play and word for word. I really want to let everyone know that it was NOT an overnight story and I was NOT just a random person in the crowd that Kim decided to let sit with her. It was really complex how this all played out.

I told the story on MTV’s “Greatest Party Story Ever”. You can watch it below:

PS: I’m going to make a post soon about how I got the chance to be on this show

Here’s the FULL story of how the concert all went down:

*In my Golden Girls voice* Picture it, Louisiana during the summer of 2013. Drake had just announced his tour dates after dropping his album,”Nothing Was the Same”. I really didn’t like the album, but I’m a Drake fan and a concert rat, plus he was coming to New Orleans, so I wanted to go. So I called my best friend at the time, Sara, and asked her if she wanted to go to the concert with me. She said yes, but like any college student over the summer, she was broke. She told me to buy the tickets and she would tell her dad to pay me back. I bought tickets to see Drake for me and Sara and it was set. We were going to see Drake live in New Orleans!

Around that same time, Kanye had announced that he would also go on tour after releasing the futuristic album “Yeezus”, but unfortunately he wasn’t coming to New Orleans. A few weeks later, Kanye did something that would change my life forever. He added New Orleans to the tour.

I called Sara like and was like “BITCHHHHHHH!!!!!!” She was like “What?! What happened!? What’s wrong?” I said, “Kanye just added New Orleans to the tour! I saw he had like a fake Jesus and a whole mountain on the stage too. We gotta sell these Drake tickets to go see Kanye!”

So the hunt was on, I had to find someone to buy the Drake tickets so we could go see Kanye, but NO ONE wanted to buy them. I was spazzing and panicking. I knew that there was no way I could afford to buy another concert ticket.

The tickets for Yeezus in New Orleans were going on sell really soon, yet no one would buy the tickets to see Drake. Luckily, Sara convinced her dad to buy our tickets for Yeezus and she just told me to pay her back whenever, but in order for me to pay her back, I still had to sell these damn Drake tickets. Out of no where, I got a text from my cousin’s girlfriend saying that she wanted both the tickets. I was like “MANNN LOOK AT GOD!”. I sold her the tickets, gave Sara her cut, paid for my Yeezus ticket, and everything was set. We were going to see Kanye!

Now mind you, at this time, I had already met Kim once at a fragrance appearance in Jackson, MS. (You can read about it here) so Kim already knew who I was, but she wasn’t following me.

I followed all the big Kardashian fan pages and they all reported that Kim attends every show on the tour. Then, I started thinking and my wheels got to turning. If you can’t tell by now, all my epic stories with Kim all start with an idea. I thought to myself, “What if I got the chance to see Kim again and just take a picture or something?” I called Sara and told her the idea. She said “Umm…that’s gonna be pretty tough Myleeza. I’m not too sure about this one.” I was like “Yeah you’re right, but I mean it would still be pretty dope.”

Time passed and it was now November. I remember I was in my dorm watching Temptation and tweeted this and Kim replied to me

FullSizeRender 37

A few hours after she replied to me, she followed me on Twitter! Ya’ll I was chilling at my friend Cassie’s house when the notification came to my phone. I had to take a double take because it was so random and seemed too good to be true. I never imagined Kim following me. I never asked her to follow me. I knew she knew me, but I didn’t think she liked me enough to follow me. I SCREAMED! I RAN! I WAS BALD! I called my mom screaming “KIM JUST FOLLOWED ME!!!!” I laugh when I look back on it, because I had no idea what was coming next.

The next day I called my friend Sara again like “Bitch look. Kim just followed me and we got our tickets. I think I can make this happen. I think I can get Kim to see me and take a picture.” Sara was like “Yeah. It just may happen now girl.”

Since I knew that I was on Kim’s TL now, I started throwing subliminal messages like “OMG Can’t wait until the Kanye concert in New Orleans!”, “So excited to see Kanye in a few weeks!” “I wonder if Kim is going to New Orleans with Kanye” (Knowing I already knew she was) I just wanted her to know that I was going to be there, but she didn’t respond to ANY of the tweets. I was like “Myleeza. You look like a legit idiot right now bro. Just hang it up.”

Time passed it was now December 5th, the day of the concert. The day everything would change……


22 Facts About Myleeza

Since I made 22 a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of 22 random facts about me!

  1. I have a huge family! I have like 40 first cousins…maybe even more!
  2. I have two older brothers. I’m the youngest and the only girl.
  3. I hate tomatoes, but I love marinara sauce.
  4. I put A1 steak sauce on literally everything.
  5. I’ve seen every episode of Golden Girls and Sex and the City
  6. I really really REALLY hate large crowds. They freak me out.
  7. I’ve been called funny ever since I can remember. I’ve always been a class clown.
  8. I was class president throughout middle school and high school.
  9. I was voted Student of the Year my senior year in high school.
  10. I’ve had the same group of friends since like 4th grade.
  11. No matter how late I get home, I can’t go to bed without showering.
  12. I hate when people burp out loud.
  13. I love being by myself & doing stuff alone. I hardly ever get bored.
  14. I LOVE public speaking. I never get nervous. The more people, the more calm I am.
  15. I have my own community service organization that focuses on inner city youth in the local public school system.
  16. I hate when people give their opinion when it isn’t asked for.
  17. I always give my opinion when it isn’t asked for.
  18. I hate small talk. It gives me major anxiety.
  19. I’m the most loyal and supportive person ever.
  20. The person I am on social media is exactly who I am in person.
  21. I have huge feet. I mean I am 6’0 tall after all.
  22. My solution to any problem is to take a nap.

Logging off,