Ya’ll what the hell is Robert Kardashian doing? As everyone knows, in between my New Orleans Saints getting their ass whooped and the Presidential Debate, Rob went on a typical Rob rampage last night on Twitter exposing the Young CEO Kylizzle’s number. He later sent a tweet saying that Kylie planned a baby shower, but didn’t invite Chyna.

I don’t know what’s going on at all. I know I usually have some insight in these situations, but I have no idea what’s happening. I have two points though.

First of all, Robert, what more do you want? You wanted the family to accept Chyna and be nice to her publicly. They do. You wanted a show on E!. You got it. You wanted a family with Chyna. Your baby is due next month. You wanted to have a reason to get out the house and be happy. You have one two. What more do you want at this point? The show is doing pretty well. You’re going to be a dad next month. You have a steady check. Like what more do you want?

Secondly, my mom would literally kill either one of my older brothers if they EVER did anything to me like that. I could understand if he went off on Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe, but the fact that you’d do something like that to your baby sister is beyond me. Kylie loves Rob so much and I know Rob loves her too, but he is really tripped TF out for this one. Big brothers are supposed to protect their little sisters. Not expose them or do some crazy sh*t like this.

I love how the Kardashians/Jenners are acting like none of this even happened and hasn’t said a peep on social media. I know Khloe is tweaking though. lol

*sigh* We were rooting for you Rob. We were ALL rooting for you! tumblr_m574y11hoe1r317bvo1_500

The bright part of all of this is Chyna’s mom funny ass take on the entire situation. When I first saw this video, I literally YELLED. I watched it like 5 times back to back. Ya’ll. I am WEAK! I’m not a fan of Chyna’s mom because of the stuff she said about the family in the past, but this shit here….this is pure gold! Please watch the entire thing.

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Myleeza Kardash


How I Remain Positive

One of the things that Kim and so many other people compliment me on is my positive energy. I take pride in being a positive person to be around. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have times where I turn into a Negative Nina, but I always find my way back to my positive vibes. It’s hard to remain positive, especially when life starts to kick your ass. Here are my top five ways I hold on to my positive energy even when life gives me lemons.

1. Let go of the things or people that are bringing negativity in your life. This very important. We usher in a lot of negativity because we’re in denial that it’s causing us to think negative. For example, you can have a friend that has been your friend for years, but you know good and damn well your friend is not a positive person. You decide to keep her around just because you’ve known her for so long. You listen to all of her negative stories, remarks, and conversations. Then when you go home or hang up the phone, you feel negative and just mentally drained and just need a nap. Yeah, been there, done that. It’s time to distance yourself. Let go of that negativity.

2. Stop worrying about things you can’t control. A lot of negative thoughts and negative energy stems from stress and anxiety. We, I’m saying we because I’m guilty too, tend to worry about things that we have absolutely no control over. Personally, I worry about fulfilling other people’s expectations of me. When I graduated college, people expected me to move to LA and immediately start working for KKW. When that didn’t happen, I felt like I failed and I let people down. I want to slap myself just looking back on that because I let my self worth be controlled by other people’s expectations. Remember, all you can control is you and the present. Everything else is in God’s hands.

3. Find a mentor. I always, always, always say this, but it’s so important. Find someone that you can look up to and trust to help guide you through life’s negative moments. Life is hard man. It’s even harder and more overwhelming when you feel like you have to go through it on your own. My friend Reotta started off as my mentor first and eventually became my friend. She literally took me under her wing and help guide me to being a positive person. It wasn’t easy, but I trusted her. I looked up to her. I liked her vibe. She helped me in so many ways. Understand that you can’t do it alone and find someone that can help you.

4. Will this matter tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Kim told me this a while back and it all totally makes sense now. I know whatever is making you think negatively is currently making you feel like your world is crashing down, but seriously, will this matter in a few weeks or a few months? If so, try and fix it. If not, let. that. shit. GO. Worrying leads to stress and stress leads to negative vibes, energy, and thoughts. I thought my world was crashing just last month, but I found a way to remain positive and I got through it. Now I can look back on it and laugh! Don’t let the small things steal your joy.

5. Last, but certainly not least, build a connection with God! This is so so so important. A connection with God will guide you through the darkest nights. I’m not saying you have to go to church every morning and sit on the front row with the preacher’s wife, but you should open your Bible app every now and then. Research scriptures that will keep you encouraged. Listen to your favorite gospel song. My go to song when I’m down is The Battle’s Not Yours by Yolanda Adams. My friends say I think everything is a sign. I just really feel like God works in mysterious ways and sends us different signs to let us know that He is God and He is God ALONE. Pray more and ask God to protect your positivity.

I hope my tips helped you in some type of way. How do you remain positive? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments. Keep the positive vibes rolling!

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My Favorite Fan Accounts

For a while now, people have been asking me to post some of my favorite Kardashian/Jenner fan accounts, but I wouldn’t because I knew that would lead to some hurt feelings. I know how much the word “favorite” hurts in the stan community, especially in the Kardashian fan community. Kim called me her favorite once and I literally saw some fans jump off the Empire State Building. It was like their entire world was crashing. Now, I consider myself her least favorite so everyone can chill. haha

I don’t even consider my Twitter a “fan account” per say. A lot of fan accounts follow like 100 people or less. I follow like 600+ people and majority of the people I follow aren’t even Kardashian fan accounts. I like keeping my TL a mixture of normal people and some Kardashian stuff here and there.

Anyway, since I keep getting asked to post some of my favorites, here ya go!

1. My Family: Everyone pictured in this picture below is my family, so they don’t even count. Our trip to LA was so unforgettable. Not only did we get a chance to see Kim, Kanye, and North, but we finally all got a chance to meet and hang in person, which was really dope! Everyone who went on the trip is fam.


2. My Favorite Accounts to Laugh: There aren’t many fan accounts that are just down right hilarious, because everyone seems so uptight and scared to voice their opinions. Not really sure why. The accounts that do give me a laugh when something crazy is going on is my baby @MolestMeKardash and @KylizzleYeezus

3. Favorite Kim/Kanye Accounts: I love @YeezyCentral. They have good info. I love @jakekardash_, he’s already really sweet to me. Of course my girls @AKutieNameKim and @itsKELSEYtho. I love love @kim_kanye_ too! I keep telling ya’ll that @KKWstan has the best candids. Ummm…@rodashian is really sweet too! I loveeeee @WestsHouse. There are so many more! I just can’t think of them of the top of my head. I’ll add more when I think of them.

4. Favorite Kylie Accounts: I don’t really follow that many Kylie accounts as I should. Not sure why because I love Kylie! My favorites are @iKylieFornia and @ItsJohnnyCyrus. I need to follow more Kylie accounts though.

5. Favorite Khloe Accounts: I swear Khloe fan pages do not like me. lmaoooooo I have no idea why. I know a lot of people were pissed because of the fan trip, but it’s not my fault fam. So many Khloe accounts have me blocked on Twitter and I find that SO funny because I never even spoken to any of them let alone know who they are. lol My fave Khloe accounts are @ilovekhloeKO, @Khlocaine_, @KhloeKFanxo, @danmurace, @aussie_kardash, @WeLive4Khloe,  and @KardashftJenner

My OG fave that was the first Kardashian fan account that I even knew about is @Kardashianpedia! Love her!

I love all of the Kardashian fan accounts, because we are really a squad. When something happens, everyone goes in! I love that sense of unity and team work.

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Myleeza Kardash

Ask Myleeza Pt. 9

I’m trying something new where I answer questions on Curious Cat. These questions are more interesting too!

1. Do u ever tell Kim about other dope fans?? xo

YES! All the time! I always tell her who she should consider following. I told her a few people last night. Don’t ask who either. lol

2. Was the  Henny slush as good as it looks?

I had like 5 cups of it…need I say more? haha

3. did you ever think you would become so close with Kim? loves you💓

Never in a million years. I’m shocked too *Jay Z voice*, but I’m so happy she does!

4. did you know that you would meet up with Kim last night?, hope you had the best night X

Yeah I knew already. I’m just really good at keeping stuff on the low.

5. I love ur account!!!

Really? Thanks!!

6. Are you still nervous to meet Kim or when you’re around her or have you gotten used to it?

No, I don’t get nervous at all. Not even a teeny tiny bit. I’m so comfortable around her! It’s so weird. I just look at her as Kim.

7. What are some of your favorite Khloe accounts?

Um…I completely adore @ilovekhloeKO. I like @Klocaine_ and @KhloeKFanxo too. A lot of Khloe accounts don’t like me though and I have no idea why. lol

8. Favorite memorie on twitter?

FullSizeRender 39

9.  Do you care about Armenia and the issues of the country since you’ve started to love Kim or have you never cared?

I didn’t even know about the Armenian Genocide until Kim and her sisters started speaking out on it. It isn’t taught in schools. After doing research on it, I care deeply about those issues. I care about any racially unjust issue.

10. Most underrated dedicated doll?

I think @KKWStan is pretty underrated. They post really good HQ pics.

11. Is what way do you think social media has impacted your life? I’m so happy to see Rodger people happy!

I will not be who I am today without social media. Some people love to draw, some love to dance, some love to sing, I love social media. I’m really good at it. I know you’re like how can someone be good at social media? lol It sounds weird, but it’s really a talent. Oh and who is Rodger? lol

12. Hey girl! How did you go about meeting Kim again? Did she get in touch with you?

When the dates were first announced, I asked why wasn’t Ye coming to NOLA and she said he may add it later. At the time, I was about to move to Houston so I said never mind…I’m coming to the Houston show and she said she’ll get me tickets.

Ask me questions on my Curious Cat…boy that sounds super weird.

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Myleeza Kardash


The Saint Pablo Tour

I attended the Saint Pablo Tour in Houston last night and it was CRAZY! For everyone that’s been asking on Twitter, I currently live and work in Houston. I moved from Louisiana to Houston in July. Anyway, I attended the show with my friend, Reotta. I talk about her a lot on here, so her name may sound familiar. Reotta’s housewarming was a few weeks ago and I thought this would be the perfect gift! She loves Kanye, too!

Kim had already said that she would get me tickets and I worked some magic for us to do a super cool live stream a few weeks ago. My dawg Pascal came and got us, we walked backstage, and everything basically played out on the live stream after that. I burst through the door like Portable Network Graphics image-A88D9B05EAEF-1.png

We live streamed for a bit, but the connection kept messing up. Poo wifi sucks ass. In between live streams, Kim and I talked some “Kim and Myleeza” talk. I missed her so much! We had so much to catch up on! I’m so happy that we could both agree that our relationship is beyond just fan and celebrity; even though I will always be her fan. We both said that we’re like old high school classmates. We don’t see each other that often, but every time we do meet, it’s like a “GIRLLL HEYYYY”. Just really chill. Here’s some good videos of us live streaming!

Pascal came and said Kanye’s going up on stage so we all jetted out the room, but not before Kim let us see the FAMOUS Henny & Coke slush machine.img_9915

I got a cup full! Me and Henny are besties! I even asked Kim to shout out my hometown, Bogalusa, Louisiana!

 We began to walk to our seats. You know I had to get some good Snapchat footage first though!

Kim even got a good Snap of us walking to our seats!

We got to our seats and everyone was going CRAZY for Kim. She really is a walking, living, breathing, LEGEND. I mean everyone was spazzing the fuck out. It’s a dope thing to witness. I was SO turnt for Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 and 2. Kim put me on her Snap going ham!

You knoooooooow me and Kim got SUPER LIT on Famous!

And I went STUPID for Black Skinhead

And of course, I lost my MIND for Freestyle 4

Then me and Kim both poured our hearts out for Waves! I LOVE this video!  We look like best friends!

In between songs, Kim and I caught up on more “Myleeza and Kim” talk and I snapped a few pics with her. I always forget to take pics with Kim, because we are always having too much fun!! She’s so much fun to be around! Ya’ll….I love Steph Shep so much. I’m about to start stanning for her! #StephShepHive

The show ended, but Kim left early to meet Ye like she does after every show. We stayed to see him perform Ultra Light Beam, but her security came and got us after to go backstage. We went STRAIGHT to they Henny & Coke machine! Hahaha We chilled with Ibn, Steph, and Travis for a minute, then Kim hit me up saying they left already. So, we ended up leaving soon, too.

The night was CRAZY! I had so much fun!! Kanye really killed it! I can’t stop thinking about it. I do the Jesus Walks dance in my head. Hanging with Kim is always fun…it’s like catching up with an old friend every single time! Love her!

Hope you enjoyed the videos and no, I will not make my Snapchat public. LOL

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash

My Favorite KKW Moments

Someone asked me what was my all time favorite Kim K moment and I honestly had no answer for her. It’s so hard to pick just one moment from a woman who has had SO many huge moments in her career. It’s like choosing  your favorite breath…every single one of them are important and essential you know! I decided to do my Top 5 favorite KKW moments.

5. Kim Kardashian Hollywood


Summer 2014 was the year of Kim Kardashian Hollywood. People, me included, would set alarms at 3 in the morning JUST to finish a make believe photoshoot. The app made history, broke barriers, and made my sis mega bucks. Kim took Silicon Valley by storm and it all started with the success of Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

4. Announcing she was pregnant with Saint


I really cried tears of joy when Kim announced that she was pregnant in the KUWTK teaser last year. We watched her fertility struggles for an entire season and how hard she and Ye were trying. She was always at doctor appointments, getting stuck by needles, and having painful treatments. To finally see her announce she was pregnant made me so happy!

3. Kim’s first VOGUE cover


After being told she would never be accepted in the fashion world, how she would never be elite, how Hollywood would never take her serious, how Anna disliked her and she would never grace the cover of Vogue, Kim proved them ALL wrong posing with her husband on April 2014’s American Vogue. This was an unforgettable moment. I cried like a hoe.

2. The Engagement 



andddddd #1 is…….. *drumroll* 

1. Kim’s Forbes Cover:


My all time favorite KKW moment is Kim’s Forbes cover. Ya’ll don’t understand how proud this cover makes me. Business was my minor in college, so I think so highly of publications like Forbes. After almost 10 years, people are finally recognizing and awarding Kim for her hustle. Most people associate Kim with just her looks, but I love how she is transitioning into from a sex symbol to a grown ass money making BOSS. I hope she does more covers like this! This motivates and inspires me so much.

Those are my top 5 favorite KKW moments. What are yours? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash


Ask Myleeza Pt. 8

I LOVE answering everyone’s questions! Remember, you can ask me anything you want here!

1. Do you plan to meet up with Kim anytime soon?

No, I don’t. Kim is super busy, but I hope I can see her again soon. I really miss her!

2. Who’s more annoying Beyhive or Navy? They always go back and forth so I wanna know who’s side you’re on lol

Beyhive. I love reading Navy and Beyhive Twitter arguments though!

3. What’s your response when someone tries pulling out the cliché “fake ass”, plastic surgery”, etc shit as a way to bash Kim?

I usually don’t respond. Kim’s ass has been a topic of conversation since 2007. This argument is almost 10 years old, so I just let them look like dumb asses.

4. So…have you ever seen Kim’s sex tape?

Lol. Yes.

5. Does Kim remind you more of a modern day Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor?

Both! I think if Marilyn and Elizabeth had a baby, the baby would be Kim. All three women were extremely controversial, yet the topic of every conversation at their peak of fame. Marilyn and Elizabeth definitely paved the way for Kim. Marilyn, Elizabeth, and Kim have to be the most photographed celebrities of all time. They all just played such a HUGE part in pop culture. They are the epitome of celebrity.

6. Could you help me get Kim to notice me or get General Admission tickets for the Dallas tour stop of Saint Pablo?

Read this It’s a No From Me Dawg

7. How did you get verified? I think it’s so dope!!! I’m in PR/ communications and I just graduated college & I honestly look up to your hustle so much. Any advice / tips?

Read this How TF Did I Get Verified!?. Thank you for respecting my hustle and congratulations on graduation! I wrote a blog for all PR/Communications graduates a while ago with all kind of tips and keys. You can read it here: “Let go of the old Michael Kors to make room for the new Birkin.” Good luck!

8. MYLEEZA – Congratulation’s on getting verified. Keep setting goals girl. I have 2 questions! 1, How and when did you become interested in pop culture or did you grow up loving the entertainment industry? 2, Do YOU have any knowledge of Kanye’s AUSTRALIAN tour dates? p.s I visit your site daily ❤

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it! I’ve been interested in pop culture literally all my life! I loved E! True Hollywood Story , the The Fabulous Life of ___ series on VH1, and of course MTV Cribs. I loved watching celebrities interviews too. I couldn’t draw for shit, but in the 2nd grade I used to draw my favorite celebrities and dream about living their lifestyle. I always knew the latest celebrity news. No, I don’t know about Australian tour dates, but Ye said the tour is worldwide, so be on the look out.

9. Myleeza can you Please write about some of your favorite fan acct… Don’t mind what the haters are gonna say. Thank you.

Ok…I will soon.

10. Can you help me get Kim to the Saint Pablo Show in Dallas? 😦 It’s my dream to meet her.

Read this It’s a No From Me Dawg.

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash

The Coolest, Most Dope People I Know Pt. 4 (Greek Edition)

I’m back telling you guys about the coolest most dope people I know! This time I’m doing a Greek edition for all of my favorite Greeks. In case you guys didn’t know, I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I pledged Delta my senior year of college and it is by far one of my biggest blessings. Delta is the reason why I was gone from social media for like 5 weeks last year and every one went crazy. haha Anyway, here are some of the coolest, most dope Greeks I know!

1. Sierra, Chelsea, and Brittany: Chelsea, Sierra, and Brittany are not only my line sisters, but they are also three of the FUNNIEST people I know! I met them my senior year of college, but it seems like we’ve known each other forever. We made SO many memories. We made those type of memories that will make you burst out laughing every time you think about them. You couldn’t say one of our names without saying the other 3. We nicknamed our self the Fantastic 4…that’s just how close we were! I love all of three of them to death! They make me so happy every time I see them. I know I can always depend on them for a quick Henny turn up at any given time. lol



2. La’Zhay McKinley: I’ve known La’Zhay since I was like 7, so basically all of my life. My cousin married her mom, so we’re practically family. Not only is La’Zhay a bomb Delta, but she’s one of my best friends! I know I describe everyone as funny, but ya’ll La’Zhay is SO funny! I love being around her so much because she literally makes you cry laughing from some of the things she says. If ya’ll think I’m dramatic…you have to meet La’Zhay. La’Zhay helped me so much getting to Delta and even more after I became a Delta. We would sit on the phone for like 2 hours just sharing experiences and stories. I really love this girl so much. She’s such a good friend and always come through in the clutch. *wink wink* haha! (She fine too right?)


3. Gigi Bad Azz:  Gigi is my prophyte and was one of the first Deltas I knew from my chapter. Ya’ll may remember Gigi from when I mentioned her as one of my all time favorite clap backers. (How to Execute the Perfect Clapback)  I just remember seeing her tweets being RT’ed on my timeline and she was always randomly going off on someone.  I clicked her account one day and I was literally fascinated. I used to lurk her tweets all the time. lmaooo I just couldn’t believe that someone could be so funny and so cool, but still have her shit together in real life. I remember the first time I actually met her in person. I didn’t even say anything…I just hugged her. Too bad she’s annoying af now tho. haha (Look how cool she is in the this pic tho!)


4. Tre Oliver: I knew Tre wayyyyy before Delta. I had been following Tre on Instagram forever, but I think I met him in person the first semester of my junior year. He’s a PR major too, so we had a class together. I knew Tre was an Alpha, but that’s all I knew about him. I sat in the front and he sat in the back. I have no idea how we got close, but ever since that class we have been inseparable. I remember one my classmates said something shady about Kim in one of our classes and he was like “Oh Lord, now why ya’ll getting Myleeza started? Ya’ll know she about to go off on everybody!” and I did indeed. BLOOP. Tre is really of my favorite people I’ve met in college. We had literally every class together. Every time I see him, we are extra over the top and dramatic. haha I love Tre so much!


Logging off,


Thank You LuMee!

Last month for my birthday, I got a direct message on Instagram from Kim’s company LuMee. They wrote me saying that they heard it was my birthday and they wanted to send me a case. I was super turnt up because I always wanted a LuMee case, but I have $3 *Patrick Star voice*


A few weeks later, I walked up to my door step and saw the box waiting for me. I hurried and opened the box, popped off my Kimoji cry face case (sorry sis), and popped on my LuMee! It was love at first selfie!!!

For those of you that don’t know, LuMee is the original lighted case that is seen on just about every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. By clicking one button, the LuMee lights instantly pop on giving you that “Lights! Camera! Action!” feeling.

I know you may think LuMee’s are a little on the expensive side, but they’re SO worth every penny. Not only do you have good, Kim K esque lighting for your selfies, but your phone really feels protected and secure, unlike most cases.

With my LuMee, IFLK (I Feel Like Kim) when I’m taking my selfies. Plus don’t let me add the bomb ass crown filter from Snapchat! TUH. Baby you can’t tell me nothing! lol

Start saving for your LuMee today and you’ll be feeling like Kim and the rest of the Kardashian gang when you’re taking your selfies, too! You can purchase your LuMee case at!

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash