TBT: Kim’s 35th Birthday Brunch

This week made a year since Kim flew out about 17 fans to LA to celebrate her 35th birthday! I’m gonna give you guys a run down on how it all went down!

So during the summer of last year, Kim kept hinting at a surprise that she had coming for her fans on Twitter. Everyone was trying to guess what it was, but Kim kept it a secret. That August, Kim came to NOLA for my 21st birthday and we had brunch together. I asked her what was the surprise and she told me that the surprise was that she’s flying out all the fans she follows on her social media to LA for her birthday.  I was like what….? She was just like “Yep.” I WAS SHOOK!!

Kim started DM’ing her fans and asking for their emails and telling them about her birthday plans. A lot her fans started DM’ing me asking me was it real and I was like “Yasss!!!! It’s real! That’s the surprise!”

We had to keep everything secret until the day of the brunch, which was nothing new to me. I always had to keep stuff a secret. lol The day of the trip came and I was super excited to see Kim again of course and to finally meet my Twitter fam!

When I landed I met Jennifer and Noah. Me and Noah instantly clicked. That’s the homie now! A lot of us got in a van together to take us to the hotel. I can’t remember who else was in the van with me, but it was a few us!

After sitting through LA traffic, we finally arrived to the Four Seasons Hotel. It was beautiful! We checked in and I went to my room. Kim had these gift baskets waiting for us with a hand written note and dope gifts included. I was exhausted and I had hella midterms to study for. As soon as I started studying, I got a message from Hali to meet up in her room. I studied a little more then I went to meet everyone else. We all were so turnt to see each other. We walked to In and Out and hung out that night. It was SO much fun. We felt like family!

The next day was the brunch. I was late, of course, because I tried to iron my shirt, which was still wrinkled af by the way. I suck at adulting. When I got down, everyone was already down stairs in the little patio area waiting for Kim to arrive. Pascal talked to everyone giving us a little pep talk. He was like “Kim is really sweet. No need to be nervous. Myleeza can tell you all first hand how sweet and calm she is.” I was like “Yeah, ya’ll no need to worry.”

Anyway, they told us we could come in. So we were all standing there talking and in walked Kim. Everyone lost their shit! I was so happy to see all of their expressions. People started crying and screaming and I just stood their smiling. It was a beautiful scene. We took a group pic then took individual pics.

We were seated then started eating. I bought her a beignet kit straight from Cafe du Monde in NOLA. She loved it! I sat at the table with Kim. I was sitting right by Z from Team Kanye Daily. I tried not to talk so much, because I’m a talkative bitch and I can take over a conversation. lol Plus I’ve met Kim before and it was every else’s first time. I broke the ice talking about random stuff and after that the convo just started flowing. It was really fun to see the look in everyone’s eyes. Kim started telling us funny stories about North and how she hated pictures. Then a few days after, a video of her telling the paparazzi “No pictures!” came out. So funny!

Then out of no where Kanye walked in with North. People started screaming and once again I just smiled. TKD walked over to talk to him and I remember Hali telling me “C’mon Myleeza! He’s about to let us listen to the album!”

We walked out to his Range Rover while other people stayed in and talked to Kim and North. Kanye played us a few songs and we were going CRAZY! I remember jumping on Noah after every punchline. He played a lot of songs, but I clearly remember Wolves, 30 Hours, and Highlights. He played some songs with Young Thug and Migos too. Ye got some  HEAT that hasn’t even been released!

We came back inside after listening to the album. When we came back inside, everyone wanted individual pics with Kim and Kanye. I had like everyone’s phone taking pictures for everyone. Kim gave me the side eye saying “thank you”, but it was no big deal. I just wanted everyone else to have that moment. I don’t think I got any good individual pics just because I was taking pics for everyone else.

Kim hugged everyone and thanked us for coming then she left. Seconds after she left, she DM’ed me asking how did I think it went and if everyone had fun. I said yes! We had the time of our lives!

After the brunch, a few of us went to see the Hollywood sign together. We played Kanye in the Uber the entire ride. It was LIT! After a long day, everyone went to dinner while I studied for my midterms.

All in all, that trip was AMAZING! Someone from the Whalerock Team asked me “How does this stack up to your birthday?” I mean my birthday was GOAT level, but Kim’s birthday trip is a close 2nd. What I enjoyed the most is seeing everyone else so happy and excited. The looks on their faces seeing Kim and Kanye for the first time was priceless. I smiled the entire time! Of course we had people throwing shade and spreading hate on Twitter, but we didn’t let that damper our good time. I can’t thank Kim enough for that entire experience! I hope more people get to have that same experience soon.

Check out some pics and videos below.


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How I Remain Me

Hey ya’ll! A while ago, one of my Twitter followers asked me to write a blog about how I remain humble. I said sure! I love taking suggestions on what to blog about because sometimes I go blank. lol After someone tweeted to look up the definition of humble, I don’t really like using the word. Humble means “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.” I know I’m pretty important to the people in my life, so instead of using “humble”, I’ll say “remain me”.

Anyway, back to the topic. It’s really not hard remaining me no matter how much exposure Myleeza Kardash gets. I know that everything I have is God given. I didn’t do anything, but pray and follow God’s plan. I know y’all thinking “Oh Lord. Here goes Rev. Myleeza with her sermon.”, but it’s honestly the truth.

When I was a freshman in college (2012-2013), I was studying to be a pharmacist, simply because my mom told me to. I knew the whole time that I wanted to do something communications where I can speak and actually reach out to people in some type of way. During that time, my relationship with Kim started growing. She started replying to me more on Twitter and I even met her for the first time! I thought me getting close with Kim was a sign that I was pretty good at communications/social media. I told my mom I wanted to change my major and transfer schools and she was pretty upset with me. She even cried! Super dramatic right? I just prayed and asked God to send me a sign that I was doing the right thing by transferring and changing my major to PR. As crazy as it may sound, I think the sign He sent me was Kim. I prayed every night for reassurance that I was making the right decision and at least once a month, something bigger happened between Kim and I. She followed me and then the Yeezus concert thing happened! After that, I knew that I made the right decision. God really showed me that this is my calling.

With that being said, I always call Kim my most unexpected blessing. All I wanted was a sign and God sent me a superstar. haha This is why I always remain grateful and never boastful. I know all of this was God’s plan.

Now, I know if some people were in my position, they wouldn’t have the same mentality that I have. I see it all the time on Twitter. As soon as people start getting notoriety, they start putting booking info in their bios, act really uppity on Twitter, and start calling people their “fans”. That shit is so corny and wack to me. I’m just not that person.

I was raised to have the spirit and mentality that I have now. One of my college friends told me “I don’t see why you act like you do. If I were you, I would go around bragging like I’m the shit.” I just laughed because that’s really the opposite of who I am. I think that’s why good shit still happens for me; simply because I remain me.

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“Khloe’s New Breast Friends” Ep. 17 of KUWTK

I’m SO happy KUWTK is back! Rob & Chyna was cool, but I need KUWTK in my life on Sunday nights!

First things first, I legit almost cried when I saw Kim on the screen. I miss my fave so much 😦

So tonight’s episode opened up with Kanye premiering Famous in this huge theatre. I didn’t realize that no one in the family knew about the video concept except for Caitlyn. I kinda figured that Kris would be a tad bit jealous and she was. My poor baby. I know the Cait stuff is old news to us, it’s still taking time for her to adjust to everything.

Kim is coming out with a new fragrance! I’m so excited! New fragrance = more appearances! Get that shmoney sis. Take me on the promo tour with you!

Khloe’s obsession with this boob job is def #LAGirlProblems. lol She looks amazing as is! Who needs big tits when ya ass already sitting like a stallion though? And to everybody that was on her eggplant about her wanting a boob job, stfu. This is so normal in LA, I don’t even think they consider it “surgery”. It’s just a way of life. lol Scott made everything funny af …per usual. I love him! I see a spin off show coming for him soon if he can handle it. He’s really funny and entertaining. He’s a lost puppy with Kourt and the kids gone though.

Cait called Kim to dress her for the ESPYs and Kim being super nice, naive Kim, she agreed not knowing that her mom would feel some type of way. I personally didn’t think that Kris would get as upset as she did. Hearing her cry broke my heart. She was really hurt behind this. I totally understand where she’s coming from though!

Even though moms are just our moms to us, they are still human, too. What I mean by this is moms get jealous and feel left out just like we do. I legit have this same problem with my mom getting jealous. Anytime I tell my friends something before I tell my mom, my mom gets SUPER emotional and jealous just like Kris. I think with Kris being so close to Kim and her “favorite” made it sting a little harder. Like I said, it’s still taking time for Kris to adjust to everything. I don’t think it’s beef between Kris and Cait or anything. Kris is just still adjusting.

To make everything better, Kim and Khloe took Kris on this beautiful Mom and Daughter day, which was goals by the way. I really pray I can randomly splurge on my mom like that one day.  I mean who can be mad at Kim for long? I feel like she never means any harm. She just wants to make everyone happy.

More Rob & Chyna drama on next week’s episode. Yayyyyy!


lol jk


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As you all my know, today is my fave’s 36th Birthday! I don’t know why I feel like it’s my birthday, too! haha I’m just so excited and so emotional at the same time!

I cannot imagine my life without Kim. I just don’t see me being the person that I am without her. She’s played the biggest impact on me; not just in the Twitter world, but in real life. I know everyone knows about Kim flying to see me and giving me the dopest gifts and everything, but what Kim has done for me mentally and spiritually is much more valuable. Kim taught me how to be a professional and just to believe in myself. Any idea I run past Kim, she always says “Myleeza, go for it! This is perfect for you!”. Having people in your life that believe in you even more than you believe in yourself is a blessing.

Kim, I love you more than you could ever know and more than I could ever show. You inspire me every single day and I’m proud to be your fan, your friend, and sometimes even your employee! Haha You bring so much joy in my life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Happy Birthday Kim.

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Ask Myleeza Pt. 10

I’m back answering some questions! I’m gonna start answering questions on both Ask.FM and also Curious Cat, so ask me good stuff!

1. Have you got braces on?

Yep. I’ve had them since March. They’re super annoying.

2. Did you get to interact with Kanye at the concert? Is he a chill dude in person? He seems a little shy.

No, I didn’t see him at all during the concert. He is really chill though and a little shy. The off stage persona Kanye is totally opposite of the on stage and working persona Kanye.

3. I know this is probably a tough question but Yeezus tour or Saint Pablo? 😭 btw I adore you and your ability (or lack of) to hold your tongue especially on pressing issues. I feel like you’re going to go so far. Don’t EVER quit doing you, ok?

Awww thank you so much! That was really sweet. Damn this is a hard question. I’m gonna have to say the Yeezus Tour only because it was longer.

4. Can you share your daily skin routine/products? Your skin looks great!

Thank you! I don’t drink cold drinks. Well ya’ll probably call them sodas/pop, but my country ass calls them cold drinks. lol All I drink is water, juice, and tea. Plus black don’t crack. I don’t use anything else.

5. Do you plan on getting your masters degree or is your field based mostly off actual real world experience?

This is sad, but I don’t ever want to go back to school unless it’s mandatory. Maybe I’ll go back when I’m older and I just wanna boss up on hoes.

6. Have you got a chance to talk to Queen Kris Jenner yet??

No and I’m super super super sad about it. I adore her!

7. Favorite Kardashian-Jenner sister besides Kim?

Kris Jenner.

8. who do u support for POTUS

Kanye West

9. what’s your favorite kylie lipkit shade?

Don’t have any. Help me I’m poor. They all look really dope on her Snapchat though.

10. can you get me a pair of yeezy’s


11. You are the Kris Jenner of Louisiana.

Bless up!!!

12. Now that everything has blown over are your feelings about Amber and Chyna different or the same …

I like Chyna. Amber is Amber, but I don’t hate her at all. I wish her well.

13. How did you lose all of your weight?

I gained damn near all of it back because I’m lazy af and I work a lot, but I used to work out like 5 days a week and I ate really healthy. I need to start back asap.

14. What kind of car do you have?

A Range Rover. It’s like a ’09.

15.  Are you gay? No hate if you are, I am too.

No I am not. Penis is life. Hope you’re not reading this Mom.

16. For real, idk if you get a lot of hate from people, but I just wanted to say that I think it’s dope that you’re so committed and invested to something/someone that is so special to you.

Thank you so much! That was really nice! I appreciate it!

17. How did your friends & family react to you getting like closer and closer to Kim?

You know what’s funny neither my friends or family really care that much.  Which is weird. I mean I know they’re happy for me, don’t get me wrong, but they really don’t care that much. My friends may say “Congrats” sometimes…not all the time and my family usually says “Send me pics”, but nothing more than that. Weird right? Oh well. It’s life.

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Myleeza Kardash



Selfish and the Halloween Kimoji Pack

Kim dropped two huge projects this week that my whole Twitter TL has been buzzing about!


The first is her new updated selfie book, Selfish, with all new selfies from 2015 and 2016. Selfish Reloaded, as I like to call it, features selfies of Kim with President Obama, Northie, Saint, Kanye, plus more. Just like the first edition of Selfish, Kim is giving us an inside scoop about each selfie. How cute is her handwriting though? To see the new,exclusive  selfies, make sure you purchase Selfish. Selfish is available wherever books are sold. You can also order it on Amazon by clicking here!

The next project, which just launched today, is the new Kimoji Halloween Pack! I loved the Kimoji pack with North and Kanye Kimojis, but I swear this Halloween pack has to be my favorite! This pack has all new KimoGifs , a Khloe Kimoji, the famous Kourtney twisted mouth Kimoji, all of Kim’s most iconic costumes as a Kimojis, and last but DEFINITELY not least, the Kris Jenner peace sign with a vodka in the other hand as a Kimoji.


If you know me, this is one of my top three favorite memes of ALL time! Kim told me at the Pablo concert that it would be a Kimoji soon and I DIED!

There are tons of new Kimojis and Kimogifs in this .99cent pack that ya’ll HAVE to see. They are hilarious! Here’s how you  purchase the new Kimoji Halloween Pack:

  1. Click on the Kimoji App
  2. Click the $0.99 cent button under the summer pack.
  3. Hit buy! (Duh right?)

Make sure ya’ll go and support my girl by buying Selfish and downloading the new Kimoji Halloween Pack!

(Kimoji picture collage by my homie @KimKanyeKimYeFC)


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She’s Backkkkkk

What’s up ya’ll? I know…I know. I’ve been gone for a few weeks, right? Out of respect for Kim, I took a break to let everything that’s been going on settle down.

I don’t want to talk about what happened in Paris on here because I’m all about spreading positivity. However, I do ask that all of you continue to keep Kim in your prayers. She definitely needs all of well wishes and prayers from us right now. Something like this takes more than a week to bounce back from so continue to ask God to give her strength and peace.

With that being said, I am now officially back with consistent updates and posts, so stay tuned!

Logging off,

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