What I Learned in 2016 Is…

The year has finally come to an end and boy what a year it has been! 2016 has been a year of struggle, growing pains, life lessons, but most of all growth. I’ve grown so much as a woman in this year. I handle problems better, I see things clearer, and I make better choices. What I learned in 2016 is….*Spongebob voice*

1. Your tribe determines your vibe: This quote basically sums up my 2016. The people that you surround yourself with really determines your vibe, the way you think, your outlook on life, plus more. In college, I had nothing but turn up friends. You know, those friends who could tell you where the party was, where the alcohol was, what the tea was, ect. As I got closer to graduation, I changed my circle and who I surrounded myself with. I started hanging and talking to people that had five year plans, organized long term and short term goals, positive energy, and encouraging conversations. Slowly but surely, I turned into a different person and I’m so happy I did. I still love my turn up friends, but I had to leave that alone to get my mind right.

2. You may lose friends and that’s perfectly okay: Lawddd this was the hardest thing for me to accept this year. It was so hard for me to be okay with losing friends while I was finding myself. The more and more I started to grow and evolve as a woman, the less and less I had in common with some of my closest friends. They wanted to talk about the mess and tea, I wanted to talk about moving and starting my career. They wanted to talk about where the loud pack was, I wanted to talk about life and other aspirations. Soon I noticed I stopped contributing to conversations and I even stopped being invited to things, and that’s okay.

3. Pay attention to the people who don’t clap when you win: You ever accomplish something so big in your life and you’re just waiting for your phone to blow up with “Congratulations friend!” texts and calls, but you get nothing? Been there. Please take note of the people who don’t show you love and support when you accomplish something big. After I did that interview for “This Morning with Phil and Holly”, I was waiting for people in my life to congratulate me. I got nothing. After I chilled with Kim at the Pablo show, I was waiting for the “YASS BITCH” texts. Nope. After I graduated from college, I just knew there would be hella people there to hug me. Only my family was there, which I am thankful for. This year, I started keeping note of the people that don’t support me when I win.

4. God laughs at us when we make plans: When the year started, I just knew I had everything planned out. I just knew during my last semester in college, I would start to get my life together then I would get this amazing email from someone on Kim’s team telling me they want to hire me fresh out of college. After that, I just knew that I would graduate from college and move to LA starting out making like $60/70k all at the age of 21. Needless to say, that didn’t work out. haha What I realized is that I need to slow my ass down and take life a step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Myleeza can’t take over the world in a year.

5. Everything does not deserve your energy: Toward the beginning of the year, I used to be in the middle of so much shit. I felt like I had to comment and put my two sense in EVERY conversation and conflict. My friend Reotta told me, “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.” After she said that, something just instantly clicked. Everything does not deserve your energy or attention. That shit will drain you so much to the point you are mentally exhausted and you need a nap. Be very selective choosing what you want to give your energy to. Your energy is sacred and not everyone deserves it. Protect your inner peace and euro step pass the BS like Rondo.

I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful 2017! Feel free to use these 5 things in the new year. I promise it will help you tremendously!

Logging off,





Ask Myleeza Pt. 11

Damn Myleeza, back at it again with the questions! You can ask me whatever you want here.

1. are you sexually active?

Why are ya’ll so interested in my sex life though? lol

2. Were u able to speak to Kim recently just to because y’all are like bffs?!?

No, I’ve spoken to Steph tho.

3. Who are you’re fav Khloé Stans ?

I answered this already. Check it out My Favorite Fan Accounts.

4. What’s your take on Drake and Rihanna’s “relationship”?

I don’t really care, tbh. lol I loved Rihanna with Chris Brown. Is that bad? 😦

5. Do you and Steph communicate a lot through emails?

No. I mainly talk to the Whalerock team and Steph is CC’ed on the emails sometimes.

6. Khloe follows you right? Have you and her ever talked through DMs?

Yeah she does and no I haven’t

7. Do you have a bf?

Nurp. Hook me up with somebody.

8. Do you watch the Walking Dead?

No. All I watch is Full House, Cops, sports, Golden Girls, and the Kardashians. Not really a TV person.

9. How does Kim smell?

Like money. I kid you not.

10. What advice can you give to students on their last year of college?

Have a plan. Apply for jobs. Don’t fall into the hype of graduation, focus on what’s going to happen afterwords. Please perfect your resume. Delete all your drunk and high pics from your social media.

11. What was the first message Kim ever DMd you?

She asked me what seat was I sitting in for the Yeezus show.

12. Have you lost relationships with people because of Kim?

Umm…no. I gained a lot of people that claim they know me, but it’s all love. lol

13. How is Kim at the Yeezy concerts? Is she on her phone most of the time?

No! She is really like a fan at the Yeezy shows. She’s always snapping pics and singing lyrics. She hardly ever sits, but when she does it’s only for a brief second.

14. Have you ever given Kim any thoughts/ideas on potential new Kimoji’s? I feel like some of them are based on moments/photos that you often tweet about.

Yep! All the time.

15. Do you know who runs the Myleeza’s cheeks account? Is it you?

I have no idea who that is and it’s starting to creep me out a little. I appreciate the love, but it’s kinda crazy now.

16. Beyhive or Navy pick one


17. What song that Kanye performed on the Saint Pablo Tour got you the most hype while you were at the show? Blood on the leaves was lit

Freestyle 4 or Touch the Sky

18. do you think Kim comes on Twitter and looks at her TL but just doesn’t do anything on it ? 🤔 anyway, it’s so dope to see you doing good and I see why Kim loves you. your attitude is dope! I genuinely hope life is good for you cause it’s always cool to see good people succeeding.

Yeah I really think she does! Thank you! I appreciate that!

19. How you deal with bad thought/anxiety?

I used to deal with it in the worst ways in college, if you know what I mean. lol But now, I really meditate. I come home and I sit in silence with my stress relief candle lit and I just refocus and reclaim my positive vibes. It’s been working so far. I also talk to my friend Reotta at least twice a week. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

20. Opinion on Bey and Jay?

Big Pimping by Jay is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Bey is dope.

Ask me more questions!

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash


10 Ways to Survive Kim’s Hiatus

Wassup ya’ll! I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in so long, right? Is it bad that I kinda forgot about this blog? Yeah, I suck. haha Ya’ll gotta stay on me about blogging because I will forget super quick.

Anyway, today made day 66 days since KKW has been gone. Yes, 66 long ass, dry ass, booty selfie less days without Kim Kardashian West. I think I can speak for all KKW fans when I say this hiatus has definitely been a struggle.

But have no fear, Myleeza Kardash is here!


I’m gonna give you guys 10 tips on surviving this terrible time.

  1. Follow me on Twitter, @MyleezaKardash (I mean duh…that’s a given right?)
  2. Read some of her old gems of tweets. Queen of telling people what SMH means.


3. Buy some new Kimoji Merch. Nothing says I miss you like buying an ass air freshener!


4. Go stalk her Instagram and just stare at old pics of her looking fine af, because same.

5. Clap back on anybody that says some slick shit about our girl while she’s gone. Don’t know how to clap back? I’ll teach you here!

6. Listen to Jam. The lyrics to this song will literally move you to tears. How she repeats “turn me up”a million times, motivates me to go conquer the world. Thanks Kim.

7. Take a walk down memory lane with this Best of Kim Kardashian on KUWTK video.

8. Follow me on Twitter, @MyleezaKardash. Ok I’m getting a little thirsty now huh? 😦

9. Be entertained by some of her best friends while they take over her app! Steph’s takeover was soooo good!

10. If all else fails, be like me and just cry.


Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash