Myleeza’s Music

If you follow me on Twitter, which you should btw @MyleezaKardash, you know that I’m ALWAYS sharing songs that I’m currently listening to. The share button on Apple Music has to be the best invention ever. Here are 10 songs that I currently cannot stop playing! If you haven’t hear them, go listen!

1. Migos- Bad and Boujee (I dead ass listen this song 5x a day. Gotta skip it when Lil Uzi verse comes on though)

2. Tiffany Evans feat Ciara– Promise Ring (BOP OF ALL BOPS!!! You gotta do a lil two step when this comes on. It was a simpler time!)

3. Future- Turn On the Lights (Ughh this reminds me so much of college! Good times!)

4. R. Kelly- Feelin’ On Yo Booty (Ya’ll was probably made off this song.)

5. Kelly Price- He Proposed (My friend Reotta got engaged on New Years Eve and this has been my shower song ever since! haha)

6. O.T. Genasis- Push It (The beat drop in the song is crazyyyyyy!)

7. J. Cole- Power Trip (J. Cole is trash, but this song is golden like Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose you hear me baby!)

8. Jeremih- Paradise (Ever since this song was used on the video for Kim’s site, I cannot stop listening to it!)

9. Hezekiah Walker- Every Praise (If you are in need of a spiritual uplifting, listen to this song! It does the trick every time!)

10. DJ Luke Nasty- OTW (Perfect for those light night creeps.)

Logging off,


It’s Necessary

What’s up ya’ll! It’s hella late and I should be sleep, but a few days ago I randomly got this Jimmy Neutron type brain blast that I had to share with ya’ll!


So, my new year is off to a rocky start (*long sigh* I think I brought some of my bad luck from 2016 over in 2017), but as I started to feel sorry for myself and started thinking the world is working against me, this quote came to my head that really makes sense. The quote was:  “Your current struggle is temporary, but necessary.” I popped up out of my sleep and started to look around because I’m like WHERE did that come from? I was like 10 seconds from slinging ‘ish around my apartment out of pure frustration, then out of nowhere, that quote came to my head. LOOK AT GOD!

Now, you can break it down and decipher it however you want, but what this quote means to me is your struggle that you’re currently battling and those demons that you’re currently fighting is only preparing you for what’s ahead and what’s in store for you. It’s such a comforting feeling knowing that what you’re going through is not being used in vain. It all actually has a purpose.

Personally speaking, the situation I’m going through is that…well…I’m spoiled. I’m not a Hillary Banks, type spoiled, but more of a “I’ll try this, but if I don’t like it, it’s okay just because my Mom said it will be okay.” Does that make sense? It’s like my Mom is my safety net and as soon something doesn’t go my way, I jump and use that safety net with no hesitation. It’s so annoying and I’m trying to break that habit, but it’s hard! Like really, really hard. #FirstWorldProblems

Anyway, around September, my Mom found this song on Facebook by Fantasia called “It’s Necessary”. The song basically says that God makes no mistakes. He’s actually using your struggle to make you even better, greater, and stronger. My Mom and her best friend, Mrs. Taylor, would sit on the phone for hours and talk about this song. My mom would always tell me about it, but I’m not a big Facebook person, so I never fully listened to it. Sadly, Mrs. Taylor passed away last month and this is the only song that is getting my Mom though this rough time. Now every time I hear this song, I think of my Mom and her best friend and also me and my current situation.

I know. I know. The struggle is real. Literally everyone is going through some type of struggle, but just know that all of this is necessary. Ya feel me?

Logging out,


Just….Realizing Things

Last night I was in the shower, also know as my “Realizing Things” zone, and I had this Jimmy Neutron type brain blast. I realized that people will not like you over things that you cannot control. One more time, people will not like you over things that you cannot control! This quote holds very true for my life and especially my life as Myleeza Kardash.

Growing up, my mom was a single mother to my two older brothers and I. She was a Pre-K teacher making way less than she deserved. We lived in a small trailer in rural Louisiana. We weren’t dirt poor, but trust me…we were broke. My mom struggled taking care of three kids on her own with only a mediocre teacher’s salary. She always would tell me, “Things will get better Myleeza. We won’t always have to live like this.”

My mom bossed up, went back to school, and got like 10000 degrees. Next thing you know she moved up to Pre-K Coordinator, then Pre-K Principal, now she’s a School Board Supervisor.

With a better job and trying to wash away my memories of our struggle days, my mom would buy me everything from like 7th grade-12th grade. She even bought me a Range Rover for my high school graduation!


When I got to college, she told me that I didn’t have to work while in school. On the other hand, ALL of my college friends had jobs. They would always tease me about being this “lazy, spoiled brat” and it really used to hurt my feelings. They didn’t know about my struggle growing up in a trailer or me seeing my mom cry because she couldn’t afford to buy me the latest Christmas toy. It wasn’t my fault my mom told me not to work. They were mad at me over stuff I could not control.

Now this get even more intense when it comes to life as Myleeza Kardash. People get in their feelings over every little thing I do and I can’t control ANY of it. People get upset when my followers tell me that they love me, that they look up to me, that they wish they were me, or if they give me any type of compliment. I can’t control that these people love me or look up to me. Why are you upset? You want some love?

People get upset that I may do an interview here or there, that Kim always does dope things for me, that I get to chill with Kim every now and then, and that we’ve built a relationship that’s stronger than just fan and celebrity. I cannot control any of those things. Why are you upset? You want my spot?

Now, since I’ve been verified on Twitter, people get SUPER and I mean SUPER in their feelings because I have a blue check by my name. I mean I get everything from “You’re not famous.”, “What did you do to deserve that.” “Remember you’re just a fan.”, etc etc. Please understand one thing, I DO NOT GIVE AF ABOUT THAT CHECK. Being verified does not pay my bills. It does not get me a job. It does not rub my ass at night. It does not bring me closer to God. It does absolutely nothing but sit there and make you mad. I did not ask to be verified. I did not ask Kim to tell them to verify me. I cannot control that I’m verified. Why are you upset? You want a blue check, too?

With that being said, I want all of my readers to realize that people will dislike you for no reason at all and especially for things you cannot control. People dislike me because my mom always will provide for me, that so many people love me for who I am, and of course because of the relationship that I built with Kim even though I cannot control any of these things. Like Boosie said in one of his songs, “You don’t even gotta have shit and they will still hate on you.”

Logging off,


Welcome Back Kim!

After 3 long, dry, and vigorous months, the Social Media Queen has returned to her throne! Today Kim posted a beautiful pic of Saint, North, Kanye, and herself on Instagram and Twitter with the caption “family”. The picture currently has 2.8M likes on Instagram and 81k RTs on Twitter.

Kim also posted a beautiful video on her website and app full of clips showing us what she’s been doing while on her hiatus. You can view the video on I really hope she starts back doing personal posts on her app. I mean the take overs and stuff are cool, but ya know…it’s just nothing like the real thing.

I’m happy Kim is finally starting to post on social media, but I wonder how much and how often is she going to share. She posted one picture and we’re all jumping for joy, but will we ever see snaps of her and Kanye vibing to music in the car again? Will we ever see more of her famous nude selfies on Instagram? We make consider Kim being “back” and she probably just said “Lemme post this picture so they can chill out for a minute.” haha

However, at this point, I’ll take anything she decides to give us. Welcome back Kim. Boy, have we missed you!

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash