Real Sisters (Track Three)

On this week’s episode of That Damn Myleeza, I have two of my extremely talented and entertaining line sisters Britt and Dom on the show with me. (Sidenote: When I say line sisters I mean that we pledged the same sorority together at the same time. I know a lot of my UK people have no idea what that means haha)

I give out my WTF Was You Thinking award to ya’ll president and of course I go on a Myleeza Rant about one of my biggest pet peeves.

Dom, Britt, and I discuss tons of topics and answered a lot of questions that were asked through Curious Cat. Make sure you listen and let me know what you think by tweeting me on Twitter or by using the hashtag #ThatDamnMyleeza! Thanks for listening!



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Track 2: Runaway

On the second episode of That Damn Myleeza, I reveal some of the most personal, darkest, layers of myself; my mental health struggle. I tell stories of how I struggled with and made it through my mental health battle and how you can do it, too! I spoke about how to be a friend to someone who is struggling with their mental health as well as the wrong and negative stereotypes, pre assumptions, and stigmas when it pertains to mental health.

On a lighter note, I give this weeks WTF Was You Thinking Award out and also go on an epic Myleeza Rant that addresses a question that I’ve been hearing ever since I started stanning for KKW.

I hope you enjoy and also pass this link on to a relative, friend, associate, co worker, or whoever else so it can educate and inform them on how serious mental health is.


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Track 1: Be Humble

On Track 1 of my podcast “That Damn Myleeza”, I have Reotta and Gigi, two of my favorite people ever, as my first guest!

I start off the podcast by giving you a Myleeza Moment where I give out my “WTF Was You Thinking” Award, go on a Myleeza Rant, and make a HUGE announcement.

During the open conversations, my guest and I are holding nothing back discussing everything from how to get your man to put a ring on it and to the infamous side chick debate. We also discuss the thin line between being proud of your accomplishments and “bragging”. We give advice on how to transition from wild college student to young professional ready to take on the real world. Plus, we answer your questions on “Ask Myleeza”.

Enjoy the podcast and be sure to let me know how you like it in the comments or on Twitter!


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