Track 1: Be Humble

On Track 1 of my podcast “That Damn Myleeza”, I have Reotta and Gigi, two of my favorite people ever, as my first guest!

I start off the podcast by giving you a Myleeza Moment where I give out my “WTF Was You Thinking” Award, go on a Myleeza Rant, and make a HUGE announcement.

During the open conversations, my guest and I are holding nothing back discussing everything from how to get your man to put a ring on it and to the infamous side chick debate. We also discuss the thin line between being proud of your accomplishments and “bragging”. We give advice on how to transition from wild college student to young professional ready to take on the real world. Plus, we answer your questions on “Ask Myleeza”.

Enjoy the podcast and be sure to let me know how you like it in the comments or on Twitter!


Logging off,


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