Track 2: Runaway

On the second episode of That Damn Myleeza, I reveal some of the most personal, darkest, layers of myself; my mental health struggle. I tell stories of how I struggled with and made it through my mental health battle and how you can do it, too! I spoke about how to be a friend to someone who is struggling with their mental health as well as the wrong and negative stereotypes, pre assumptions, and stigmas when it pertains to mental health.

On a lighter note, I give this weeks WTF Was You Thinking Award out and also go on an epic Myleeza Rant that addresses a question that I’ve been hearing ever since I started stanning for KKW.

I hope you enjoy and also pass this link on to a relative, friend, associate, co worker, or whoever else so it can educate and inform them on how serious mental health is.


Logging out,


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