Hey everyone,

First of all welcome to my blog! For years, people have suggested that I started a blog and I kept putting it off and procrastinating, but now here it is! For those of who that don’t know me, my name is Myleeza Mingo, but most of you are here for this crazy ass girl named Myleeza Kardash. Myleeza Kardash is the opinionated, quick to clap back, most die hard Kim Kardashian West stan on Twitter! I’m from Bogalusa, Louisiana, a really small town about an hour away from New Orleans. You may know me from Kim inviting me to sit with her in VIP at the Yeezus show in New Orleans in 2013, Kim flying down to New Orleans for my 21st birthday, me on MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever, and dozens of other crazy, hard to believe, I-wish-that-was-me, “Who is this girl?” moments! lol

I recently graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Geaux Cajuns!) where I majored in Public Relations and Business. I literally just moved to Texas where I am starting my career in PR. blah blah blah this introduction is boring af. Let’s get to the good stuff!

For some weird, yet flattering, reason people really love to read and hear my opinions on topics through Twitter. So I thought it would be pretty cool if I gave this blog thing a go!  I’ll be talking about literally everything from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, to what Kim has done to snatch my scalp Amber Rose bald, a little more about me on a personal level, and even answering career questions about college and PR.

I hope you guys are entertained by my crazy Myleeza Kardash shenanigans.