Ask Myleeza Pt. 11

Damn Myleeza, back at it again with the questions! You can ask me whatever you want here.

1. are you sexually active?

Why are ya’ll so interested in my sex life though? lol

2. Were u able to speak to Kim recently just to because y’all are like bffs?!?

No, I’ve spoken to Steph tho.

3. Who are you’re fav Khloé Stans ?

I answered this already. Check it out My Favorite Fan Accounts.

4. What’s your take on Drake and Rihanna’s “relationship”?

I don’t really care, tbh. lol I loved Rihanna with Chris Brown. Is that bad? 😦

5. Do you and Steph communicate a lot through emails?

No. I mainly talk to the Whalerock team and Steph is CC’ed on the emails sometimes.

6. Khloe follows you right? Have you and her ever talked through DMs?

Yeah she does and no I haven’t

7. Do you have a bf?

Nurp. Hook me up with somebody.

8. Do you watch the Walking Dead?

No. All I watch is Full House, Cops, sports, Golden Girls, and the Kardashians. Not really a TV person.

9. How does Kim smell?

Like money. I kid you not.

10. What advice can you give to students on their last year of college?

Have a plan. Apply for jobs. Don’t fall into the hype of graduation, focus on what’s going to happen afterwords. Please perfect your resume. Delete all your drunk and high pics from your social media.

11. What was the first message Kim ever DMd you?

She asked me what seat was I sitting in for the Yeezus show.

12. Have you lost relationships with people because of Kim?

Umm…no. I gained a lot of people that claim they know me, but it’s all love. lol

13. How is Kim at the Yeezy concerts? Is she on her phone most of the time?

No! She is really like a fan at the Yeezy shows. She’s always snapping pics and singing lyrics. She hardly ever sits, but when she does it’s only for a brief second.

14. Have you ever given Kim any thoughts/ideas on potential new Kimoji’s? I feel like some of them are based on moments/photos that you often tweet about.

Yep! All the time.

15. Do you know who runs the Myleeza’s cheeks account? Is it you?

I have no idea who that is and it’s starting to creep me out a little. I appreciate the love, but it’s kinda crazy now.

16. Beyhive or Navy pick one


17. What song that Kanye performed on the Saint Pablo Tour got you the most hype while you were at the show? Blood on the leaves was lit

Freestyle 4 or Touch the Sky

18. do you think Kim comes on Twitter and looks at her TL but just doesn’t do anything on it ? 🤔 anyway, it’s so dope to see you doing good and I see why Kim loves you. your attitude is dope! I genuinely hope life is good for you cause it’s always cool to see good people succeeding.

Yeah I really think she does! Thank you! I appreciate that!

19. How you deal with bad thought/anxiety?

I used to deal with it in the worst ways in college, if you know what I mean. lol But now, I really meditate. I come home and I sit in silence with my stress relief candle lit and I just refocus and reclaim my positive vibes. It’s been working so far. I also talk to my friend Reotta at least twice a week. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

20. Opinion on Bey and Jay?

Big Pimping by Jay is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Bey is dope.

Ask me more questions!

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Myleeza Kardash


Ask Myleeza Pt. 10

I’m back answering some questions! I’m gonna start answering questions on both Ask.FM and also Curious Cat, so ask me good stuff!

1. Have you got braces on?

Yep. I’ve had them since March. They’re super annoying.

2. Did you get to interact with Kanye at the concert? Is he a chill dude in person? He seems a little shy.

No, I didn’t see him at all during the concert. He is really chill though and a little shy. The off stage persona Kanye is totally opposite of the on stage and working persona Kanye.

3. I know this is probably a tough question but Yeezus tour or Saint Pablo? 😭 btw I adore you and your ability (or lack of) to hold your tongue especially on pressing issues. I feel like you’re going to go so far. Don’t EVER quit doing you, ok?

Awww thank you so much! That was really sweet. Damn this is a hard question. I’m gonna have to say the Yeezus Tour only because it was longer.

4. Can you share your daily skin routine/products? Your skin looks great!

Thank you! I don’t drink cold drinks. Well ya’ll probably call them sodas/pop, but my country ass calls them cold drinks. lol All I drink is water, juice, and tea. Plus black don’t crack. I don’t use anything else.

5. Do you plan on getting your masters degree or is your field based mostly off actual real world experience?

This is sad, but I don’t ever want to go back to school unless it’s mandatory. Maybe I’ll go back when I’m older and I just wanna boss up on hoes.

6. Have you got a chance to talk to Queen Kris Jenner yet??

No and I’m super super super sad about it. I adore her!

7. Favorite Kardashian-Jenner sister besides Kim?

Kris Jenner.

8. who do u support for POTUS

Kanye West

9. what’s your favorite kylie lipkit shade?

Don’t have any. Help me I’m poor. They all look really dope on her Snapchat though.

10. can you get me a pair of yeezy’s


11. You are the Kris Jenner of Louisiana.

Bless up!!!

12. Now that everything has blown over are your feelings about Amber and Chyna different or the same …

I like Chyna. Amber is Amber, but I don’t hate her at all. I wish her well.

13. How did you lose all of your weight?

I gained damn near all of it back because I’m lazy af and I work a lot, but I used to work out like 5 days a week and I ate really healthy. I need to start back asap.

14. What kind of car do you have?

A Range Rover. It’s like a ’09.

15.  Are you gay? No hate if you are, I am too.

No I am not. Penis is life. Hope you’re not reading this Mom.

16. For real, idk if you get a lot of hate from people, but I just wanted to say that I think it’s dope that you’re so committed and invested to something/someone that is so special to you.

Thank you so much! That was really nice! I appreciate it!

17. How did your friends & family react to you getting like closer and closer to Kim?

You know what’s funny neither my friends or family really care that much.  Which is weird. I mean I know they’re happy for me, don’t get me wrong, but they really don’t care that much. My friends may say “Congrats” sometimes…not all the time and my family usually says “Send me pics”, but nothing more than that. Weird right? Oh well. It’s life.

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Myleeza Kardash



Ask Myleeza Pt. 9

I’m trying something new where I answer questions on Curious Cat. These questions are more interesting too!

1. Do u ever tell Kim about other dope fans?? xo

YES! All the time! I always tell her who she should consider following. I told her a few people last night. Don’t ask who either. lol

2. Was the  Henny slush as good as it looks?

I had like 5 cups of it…need I say more? haha

3. did you ever think you would become so close with Kim? loves you💓

Never in a million years. I’m shocked too *Jay Z voice*, but I’m so happy she does!

4. did you know that you would meet up with Kim last night?, hope you had the best night X

Yeah I knew already. I’m just really good at keeping stuff on the low.

5. I love ur account!!!

Really? Thanks!!

6. Are you still nervous to meet Kim or when you’re around her or have you gotten used to it?

No, I don’t get nervous at all. Not even a teeny tiny bit. I’m so comfortable around her! It’s so weird. I just look at her as Kim.

7. What are some of your favorite Khloe accounts?

Um…I completely adore @ilovekhloeKO. I like @Klocaine_ and @KhloeKFanxo too. A lot of Khloe accounts don’t like me though and I have no idea why. lol

8. Favorite memorie on twitter?

FullSizeRender 39

9.  Do you care about Armenia and the issues of the country since you’ve started to love Kim or have you never cared?

I didn’t even know about the Armenian Genocide until Kim and her sisters started speaking out on it. It isn’t taught in schools. After doing research on it, I care deeply about those issues. I care about any racially unjust issue.

10. Most underrated dedicated doll?

I think @KKWStan is pretty underrated. They post really good HQ pics.

11. Is what way do you think social media has impacted your life? I’m so happy to see Rodger people happy!

I will not be who I am today without social media. Some people love to draw, some love to dance, some love to sing, I love social media. I’m really good at it. I know you’re like how can someone be good at social media? lol It sounds weird, but it’s really a talent. Oh and who is Rodger? lol

12. Hey girl! How did you go about meeting Kim again? Did she get in touch with you?

When the dates were first announced, I asked why wasn’t Ye coming to NOLA and she said he may add it later. At the time, I was about to move to Houston so I said never mind…I’m coming to the Houston show and she said she’ll get me tickets.

Ask me questions on my Curious Cat…boy that sounds super weird.

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Ask Myleeza Pt. 8

I LOVE answering everyone’s questions! Remember, you can ask me anything you want here!

1. Do you plan to meet up with Kim anytime soon?

No, I don’t. Kim is super busy, but I hope I can see her again soon. I really miss her!

2. Who’s more annoying Beyhive or Navy? They always go back and forth so I wanna know who’s side you’re on lol

Beyhive. I love reading Navy and Beyhive Twitter arguments though!

3. What’s your response when someone tries pulling out the cliché “fake ass”, plastic surgery”, etc shit as a way to bash Kim?

I usually don’t respond. Kim’s ass has been a topic of conversation since 2007. This argument is almost 10 years old, so I just let them look like dumb asses.

4. So…have you ever seen Kim’s sex tape?

Lol. Yes.

5. Does Kim remind you more of a modern day Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor?

Both! I think if Marilyn and Elizabeth had a baby, the baby would be Kim. All three women were extremely controversial, yet the topic of every conversation at their peak of fame. Marilyn and Elizabeth definitely paved the way for Kim. Marilyn, Elizabeth, and Kim have to be the most photographed celebrities of all time. They all just played such a HUGE part in pop culture. They are the epitome of celebrity.

6. Could you help me get Kim to notice me or get General Admission tickets for the Dallas tour stop of Saint Pablo?

Read this It’s a No From Me Dawg

7. How did you get verified? I think it’s so dope!!! I’m in PR/ communications and I just graduated college & I honestly look up to your hustle so much. Any advice / tips?

Read this How TF Did I Get Verified!?. Thank you for respecting my hustle and congratulations on graduation! I wrote a blog for all PR/Communications graduates a while ago with all kind of tips and keys. You can read it here: “Let go of the old Michael Kors to make room for the new Birkin.” Good luck!

8. MYLEEZA – Congratulation’s on getting verified. Keep setting goals girl. I have 2 questions! 1, How and when did you become interested in pop culture or did you grow up loving the entertainment industry? 2, Do YOU have any knowledge of Kanye’s AUSTRALIAN tour dates? p.s I visit your site daily ❤

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it! I’ve been interested in pop culture literally all my life! I loved E! True Hollywood Story , the The Fabulous Life of ___ series on VH1, and of course MTV Cribs. I loved watching celebrities interviews too. I couldn’t draw for shit, but in the 2nd grade I used to draw my favorite celebrities and dream about living their lifestyle. I always knew the latest celebrity news. No, I don’t know about Australian tour dates, but Ye said the tour is worldwide, so be on the look out.

9. Myleeza can you Please write about some of your favorite fan acct… Don’t mind what the haters are gonna say. Thank you.

Ok…I will soon.

10. Can you help me get Kim to the Saint Pablo Show in Dallas? 😦 It’s my dream to meet her.

Read this It’s a No From Me Dawg.

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Myleeza Kardash

Ask Myleeza Pt. 7


  1. I am so happy God has blessed you in SO many ways. God is good, all the time! I wanted to ask you what are some of your favorite blessings you have received lately?

Amen, sista! My biggest blessing lately is having a praying mother and a very strong support group. Life has really been getting the best of me lately, but my Mom has been there praying for me and with me. My friends have also been there just to make me smile and laugh. I think we often take those things for granted.

2. have you ever met/ spoke to any of the other Kardashian/ Jenner sisters.

No, just Kim.

3. hey love, i was wondering do you ever get compensated for the stuff you do? im not asking for numbers, i respect your privacy, i just mean like promoting stuff, or working on the app, or the interviews, are they compensated for or do you just do it for love of kim? i love you!

Hey Ericka! I love you too. I don’t get paid for anything but interviews. I do promotional stuff and the things on Kim’s app for free because I really love Kim. She’s done so much for me! When I say she’s done so much for me, it’s not even on some fan shit and the materialistic gifts she’s given me, but solely as a woman. If all she asks in return is to do a few memes every other week then I’m all for it. It’s still helping me because I’m able to put it on my professional resume, which always impresses employers. Plus, I know small things will eventually led up to bigger things. I don’t look to get paid because I just really love doing it.

4. Does Kim ever tell you things about her upcoming projects??!

Yes!! All the time.

5. Have you gotten the email for the brunch yet? It’s end of August!!! Do you think you will be invited just because you’re like THE GOAT STAN

No, I haven’t. I probably won’t get invited again just because so many bitter fans will be on Kim’s ass about the “favorite” thing. I can see them now “How does Myleeza get to go again? That’s not fair! Ugghhh. wann wannn wannnn!” Ya’ll make it hard for a pimp man. lol

6. What’s one thing Kim has done for you that you haven’t told us about? If it’s not too personal.

Umm….she did something really sweet a few months ago, but I don’t want to tell. I don’t want a million people on my eggplant. haha

7. What are you favorite fan accounts?! You should do a blog about your favorite Kim/Kimye or Kanye pages!

Oh God. I don’t want to start World War III. I have favorites for different things. I go to some pages to get a good laugh. I go to some to see all the good pictures. Then some make me laugh because I can see them kind of following my blueprint and doing what I do and tweeting like me, but it’s all love! It makes me smile. It just depends really. Maybe I will make a favorite account of the week post every week. Good idea.

8. favorite song on yeezus?

Blood on the Leaves

9. What’s your favorite Red Carpet look on Kim?

Either Grammy’s 2010 or Met 2015

10. What do you REALLY think of Chyna?!

Honestly, it changes everyday. When I watch an episode of KUWTK where she was being an asshole, it makes me not like her. But, I have to keep in mind that these scenes were filmed months ago. I don’t think she’s a bad person, but I do think she had bad intentions at first. She’s likable and I like likable people. It’s weird how she’s morphing into Kim, but I really think she looks up to Kim and respects Kim. I don’t hate her, but I don’t absolutely love her either. I just think she’s okay and not as bad as people think.

Ask me more questions! I answer everything. Ask your questions by clicking here.

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Myleeza Kardash


Ask Myleeza Pt. 5

I love answering your questions! Ask me anything you want here!

1. Because you have received emails from Kim’s team how do you know they’re authentic and not some random person trying to mess with you? I have always wondered how a celebrities’ emails look and sound.

Emails from Kim’s team usually has all kind of information about Whalerock at the bottom and with confidentiality statements. The actual body of the email is always pretty normal. They email in slang and everything.

2. How do you think you would act or what would you say if you ever had a chance to have dinner at the Kardashian’s house?

I think, matter of fact, I know I would act super normal and calm. Kim told me that I’m super cool and laid back about the Hollywood life and I totally agree. I always look at the Kardashians as people first then celebrities. I mean just look at their show. Yeah they have a lot of rich people problems, but they also have regular family problems like we have. I would say so much because I’m just a talkative bitch. haha Once I’m comfortable around you, I literally never stop talking!

3. When you had brunch with Kim, how does she eat? Does she eat very fast/slow? Does she drink while eating or does she wait until she’s done? Lol

Ummm…..I really don’t remember 😦 Sorry!

4. How was it like having cameras film your birthday dinner? Was it awkward having a conversation with people and cameras around you the entire time?

To be honest, I didn’t even notice the cameras were there! I was so comfortable and relaxed. I had already shot the MTV show, so cameras didn’t make me nervous or anything. Plus Kim told me, “Just act like there are no cameras around. Ask me anything. We can talk about anything”

5. Has Kim ever said no to anything you have asked her? Whether it was an interview or some random question? Not to say she was being rude but maybe she had your best interest at heart.

Nope…never. She always says “Of course. You can handle it. You’re good at stuff like this” She trusts me to make the best decisions when it comes to what publication/ show to interview with or not. I usually have a good eye.

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Myleeza Kardash


Ask Myleeza Pt. 1

I get SO many tweets of people asking me questions and just want to know my opinions on things. I try to respond to literally every single tweet, but I know I miss a lot of people. I decided to add this Q&A section called “Ask Myleeza” where I will answer everything you guys want to know. You can submit your questions here.

  1. Thoughts on Kyga?

Well, you know what, I absolutely love Kylie. She’s so cool to me. I see her as the cool girl in high school that was so self conscious and in denial of her cool, but the whole school thinks she’s the coolest bitch alive. As far as Tyga, Far Away was a really great song!


2.  How did you become in charge of the memes on Kim’s app ? I love them, you are so hilarious !!

Awwww!!! Thank you so much! I love being called funny and hilarious. I actually got an email early June from the Whalerock Team (the company who puts on Kim’s app) telling me that Steph Shep (Kim’s assistant) recommended me to help with the memes because she thought I was hilarious. I almost burst the glass in my phone responding “HELLLLL YES!”. I make like 12 memes in like 45 minutes. So far I’ve done like 3 sets. It takes no time at all. I love helping with them. Anything for Kim!

4. I’m in love with my ex YEARS later after becoming friends again. Should I tell him or let this go?

Hmmm…I’m trying to see if I want to answer this like old college Myleeza or this new grandma, grown up Myleeza. I would personally let it go. I have this old dude I used to talk to and we’re friends and I still love him. BUT, at the end of the day we’re just friends and I know that and I’m cool with that. I think I feel like this mainly because we started out as friends first? Idk, but let him go girl. He’s your ex for a reason.

5. Are you currently in a relationship?

Nurp. I’m single. If you have a rich daddy, brother, uncle, nephew, or cousin, tell him to hmu! lol just kidding!

Ask Myleeza Pt. 3

I’m back again answering all of your questions. Once again, you can ask any question you want anonymously here.

1. Thoughts on Taylor swift?

Rest in peace.

2. I am currently running a fan page for the Kardashians (@KHLOEKARDASSHIAN) and I have really noticed I like doing the whole social media stuff. I have even thought of building a website with 24/7 updates of the girls. I love social media/ PR/ fashion.. What should I do? Can I combine all?

Ummm…I really don’t know. Follow your heart.

3. How did Kim notice you? Did she contact you or how did it go down? Do you have any tips on how to get noticed.

She first starting tweeting me on Twitter. I never was one of those fans that tweeted “OMG ILY SO MUCH. PLEASE FOLLOW ME! IT’LL MEAN SO MUCH! PLEASE NOTICE ME!!!!” That seems so unauthentic to me. I always treated Kim like a human and tweeted her regular stuff. It worked and she eventually followed me and we got really close over the years. We both contact each other, tbh. My tip is just to chill and remember celebs are humans just like we are. Learn how to set yourself apart. Always be you. Be patient.

4. When should we expect to see your interview with Kim on her app? ☺

Omg I forgot about the interview. I have no idea sadly 😦 Kim said that she emailed her team about the idea. I’ll have to remind her.

5. How does it feel that you literally met North and Saint before they were basically like born lol.

Woah, I never thought about it like that! Pretty cool once you put it like that!

6. If you wanted to work for Kim, why aren’t you?

It may seem that easy but it’s wayyyy more complicated and difficult than you think. It’s hard and confusing to explain, but that’s still my ultimate goal. I’m gaining experience right now. I mean I’m just 21, after all. Kim and I both know what’s up.

7. Do you get paid to make the memes?

Nah. I do it as a favor for Kim. I mean look how many favors she’s done for me…it’s only right I do this for her. Plus it takes me like 15 minutes to do them. It’s nothing and she’s always so thankful for the help.
8. After Kim, who is your next favourite Kardashian/Jenner?
Kristen Mary “Kris” Jenner
9. Thoughts on Kourtney and Scott? Do you think they will get back together??
I really don’t know. They’re doing pretty well co-parenting though.
10. Will you be seeing Kim again soon?
 Hopefully! I miss her so much.
Logging off,
Myleeza Kardash

Ask Myleeza Pt. 2

I’m back answering more of your questions! Ask me anything you want to here!!!

1. Do you feel like you as an African American are being taken out by the Caucasians in the country? Do you ever feel endangered now that you live in a majority republican country? 

Umm…I do, but not by white people. I think we are being taken out by police officers both white and black. I never felt endangered because that’ll mean I’m living in fear and I don’t ever want to live in fear.


2. What advice do you have for white people such as myself to show my support and solidarity with black people. I want to stand united with my fellow humans. Race and privilege is more apparent than ever and I want to make a stance in the right way.

Don’t say “All Lives Matter”, for starters. Also, don’t act naive or make excuses about what’s going on. Acknowledge it and teach your children to acknowledge it as well.

3. What that mouth do?


Complain, mostly.

4. Thoughts on blac Chyna and Rob relationship ?

I’m happy Rob is back happy and I think Chyna is a beautiful girl. I’m also happy all the shady shit is over….hopefully.

5. Do you think Kim would have another baby anytime soon?

Probably not right now, but maybe soon! I think it’ll be even harder for her this time medical wise though.

6. Favorite song off of TLOP?

It changes literally every week, but it’s currently 30 Showers Hours.

7. Do you think tyga and Kylie are engaged?

Hell no. Kylie is probably secretly married to one of her 400 dogs. lol

8. Favorite Kris moment?

I have so many, but my favorite is when she was scheduled to go on the Wendy Williams Show back in 2011 to promote her book. It just so happen that Kim filed for divorce from Hump like the week before. So you know Wendy was rudely and aggressively drilling her with questions about Kim and the divorce. Instead of storming off or stooping to Wendy’s level, she handled the entire interview like a pro and with class. This was for sure my favorite KJ moment. Watch the interview I’m referring to here.

9. Who do you think would be a perfect match for kourtney and Khloe?

I think Khloe and Kourtney are the perfect match for each other, tbh. lol

10. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Sleep and avoid my responsibilities. 🙂

I’ll be back soon answering more questions!

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash