Myleeza’s Music

If you follow me on Twitter, which you should btw @MyleezaKardash, you know that I’m ALWAYS sharing songs that I’m currently listening to. The share button on Apple Music has to be the best invention ever. Here are 10 songs that I currently cannot stop playing! If you haven’t hear them, go listen!

1. Migos- Bad and Boujee (I dead ass listen this song 5x a day. Gotta skip it when Lil Uzi verse comes on though)

2. Tiffany Evans feat Ciara– Promise Ring (BOP OF ALL BOPS!!! You gotta do a lil two step when this comes on. It was a simpler time!)

3. Future- Turn On the Lights (Ughh this reminds me so much of college! Good times!)

4. R. Kelly- Feelin’ On Yo Booty (Ya’ll was probably made off this song.)

5. Kelly Price- He Proposed (My friend Reotta got engaged on New Years Eve and this has been my shower song ever since! haha)

6. O.T. Genasis- Push It (The beat drop in the song is crazyyyyyy!)

7. J. Cole- Power Trip (J. Cole is trash, but this song is golden like Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose you hear me baby!)

8. Jeremih- Paradise (Ever since this song was used on the video for Kim’s site, I cannot stop listening to it!)

9. Hezekiah Walker- Every Praise (If you are in need of a spiritual uplifting, listen to this song! It does the trick every time!)

10. DJ Luke Nasty- OTW (Perfect for those light night creeps.)

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What I Learned in 2016 Is…

The year has finally come to an end and boy what a year it has been! 2016 has been a year of struggle, growing pains, life lessons, but most of all growth. I’ve grown so much as a woman in this year. I handle problems better, I see things clearer, and I make better choices. What I learned in 2016 is….*Spongebob voice*

1. Your tribe determines your vibe: This quote basically sums up my 2016. The people that you surround yourself with really determines your vibe, the way you think, your outlook on life, plus more. In college, I had nothing but turn up friends. You know, those friends who could tell you where the party was, where the alcohol was, what the tea was, ect. As I got closer to graduation, I changed my circle and who I surrounded myself with. I started hanging and talking to people that had five year plans, organized long term and short term goals, positive energy, and encouraging conversations. Slowly but surely, I turned into a different person and I’m so happy I did. I still love my turn up friends, but I had to leave that alone to get my mind right.

2. You may lose friends and that’s perfectly okay: Lawddd this was the hardest thing for me to accept this year. It was so hard for me to be okay with losing friends while I was finding myself. The more and more I started to grow and evolve as a woman, the less and less I had in common with some of my closest friends. They wanted to talk about the mess and tea, I wanted to talk about moving and starting my career. They wanted to talk about where the loud pack was, I wanted to talk about life and other aspirations. Soon I noticed I stopped contributing to conversations and I even stopped being invited to things, and that’s okay.

3. Pay attention to the people who don’t clap when you win: You ever accomplish something so big in your life and you’re just waiting for your phone to blow up with “Congratulations friend!” texts and calls, but you get nothing? Been there. Please take note of the people who don’t show you love and support when you accomplish something big. After I did that interview for “This Morning with Phil and Holly”, I was waiting for people in my life to congratulate me. I got nothing. After I chilled with Kim at the Pablo show, I was waiting for the “YASS BITCH” texts. Nope. After I graduated from college, I just knew there would be hella people there to hug me. Only my family was there, which I am thankful for. This year, I started keeping note of the people that don’t support me when I win.

4. God laughs at us when we make plans: When the year started, I just knew I had everything planned out. I just knew during my last semester in college, I would start to get my life together then I would get this amazing email from someone on Kim’s team telling me they want to hire me fresh out of college. After that, I just knew that I would graduate from college and move to LA starting out making like $60/70k all at the age of 21. Needless to say, that didn’t work out. haha What I realized is that I need to slow my ass down and take life a step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Myleeza can’t take over the world in a year.

5. Everything does not deserve your energy: Toward the beginning of the year, I used to be in the middle of so much shit. I felt like I had to comment and put my two sense in EVERY conversation and conflict. My friend Reotta told me, “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.” After she said that, something just instantly clicked. Everything does not deserve your energy or attention. That shit will drain you so much to the point you are mentally exhausted and you need a nap. Be very selective choosing what you want to give your energy to. Your energy is sacred and not everyone deserves it. Protect your inner peace and euro step pass the BS like Rondo.

I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful 2017! Feel free to use these 5 things in the new year. I promise it will help you tremendously!

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TBT: Kim’s 35th Birthday Brunch

This week made a year since Kim flew out about 17 fans to LA to celebrate her 35th birthday! I’m gonna give you guys a run down on how it all went down!

So during the summer of last year, Kim kept hinting at a surprise that she had coming for her fans on Twitter. Everyone was trying to guess what it was, but Kim kept it a secret. That August, Kim came to NOLA for my 21st birthday and we had brunch together. I asked her what was the surprise and she told me that the surprise was that she’s flying out all the fans she follows on her social media to LA for her birthday.  I was like what….? She was just like “Yep.” I WAS SHOOK!!

Kim started DM’ing her fans and asking for their emails and telling them about her birthday plans. A lot her fans started DM’ing me asking me was it real and I was like “Yasss!!!! It’s real! That’s the surprise!”

We had to keep everything secret until the day of the brunch, which was nothing new to me. I always had to keep stuff a secret. lol The day of the trip came and I was super excited to see Kim again of course and to finally meet my Twitter fam!

When I landed I met Jennifer and Noah. Me and Noah instantly clicked. That’s the homie now! A lot of us got in a van together to take us to the hotel. I can’t remember who else was in the van with me, but it was a few us!

After sitting through LA traffic, we finally arrived to the Four Seasons Hotel. It was beautiful! We checked in and I went to my room. Kim had these gift baskets waiting for us with a hand written note and dope gifts included. I was exhausted and I had hella midterms to study for. As soon as I started studying, I got a message from Hali to meet up in her room. I studied a little more then I went to meet everyone else. We all were so turnt to see each other. We walked to In and Out and hung out that night. It was SO much fun. We felt like family!

The next day was the brunch. I was late, of course, because I tried to iron my shirt, which was still wrinkled af by the way. I suck at adulting. When I got down, everyone was already down stairs in the little patio area waiting for Kim to arrive. Pascal talked to everyone giving us a little pep talk. He was like “Kim is really sweet. No need to be nervous. Myleeza can tell you all first hand how sweet and calm she is.” I was like “Yeah, ya’ll no need to worry.”

Anyway, they told us we could come in. So we were all standing there talking and in walked Kim. Everyone lost their shit! I was so happy to see all of their expressions. People started crying and screaming and I just stood their smiling. It was a beautiful scene. We took a group pic then took individual pics.

We were seated then started eating. I bought her a beignet kit straight from Cafe du Monde in NOLA. She loved it! I sat at the table with Kim. I was sitting right by Z from Team Kanye Daily. I tried not to talk so much, because I’m a talkative bitch and I can take over a conversation. lol Plus I’ve met Kim before and it was every else’s first time. I broke the ice talking about random stuff and after that the convo just started flowing. It was really fun to see the look in everyone’s eyes. Kim started telling us funny stories about North and how she hated pictures. Then a few days after, a video of her telling the paparazzi “No pictures!” came out. So funny!

Then out of no where Kanye walked in with North. People started screaming and once again I just smiled. TKD walked over to talk to him and I remember Hali telling me “C’mon Myleeza! He’s about to let us listen to the album!”

We walked out to his Range Rover while other people stayed in and talked to Kim and North. Kanye played us a few songs and we were going CRAZY! I remember jumping on Noah after every punchline. He played a lot of songs, but I clearly remember Wolves, 30 Hours, and Highlights. He played some songs with Young Thug and Migos too. Ye got some  HEAT that hasn’t even been released!

We came back inside after listening to the album. When we came back inside, everyone wanted individual pics with Kim and Kanye. I had like everyone’s phone taking pictures for everyone. Kim gave me the side eye saying “thank you”, but it was no big deal. I just wanted everyone else to have that moment. I don’t think I got any good individual pics just because I was taking pics for everyone else.

Kim hugged everyone and thanked us for coming then she left. Seconds after she left, she DM’ed me asking how did I think it went and if everyone had fun. I said yes! We had the time of our lives!

After the brunch, a few of us went to see the Hollywood sign together. We played Kanye in the Uber the entire ride. It was LIT! After a long day, everyone went to dinner while I studied for my midterms.

All in all, that trip was AMAZING! Someone from the Whalerock Team asked me “How does this stack up to your birthday?” I mean my birthday was GOAT level, but Kim’s birthday trip is a close 2nd. What I enjoyed the most is seeing everyone else so happy and excited. The looks on their faces seeing Kim and Kanye for the first time was priceless. I smiled the entire time! Of course we had people throwing shade and spreading hate on Twitter, but we didn’t let that damper our good time. I can’t thank Kim enough for that entire experience! I hope more people get to have that same experience soon.

Check out some pics and videos below.


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Myleeza Kardash

How I Remain Positive

One of the things that Kim and so many other people compliment me on is my positive energy. I take pride in being a positive person to be around. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have times where I turn into a Negative Nina, but I always find my way back to my positive vibes. It’s hard to remain positive, especially when life starts to kick your ass. Here are my top five ways I hold on to my positive energy even when life gives me lemons.

1. Let go of the things or people that are bringing negativity in your life. This very important. We usher in a lot of negativity because we’re in denial that it’s causing us to think negative. For example, you can have a friend that has been your friend for years, but you know good and damn well your friend is not a positive person. You decide to keep her around just because you’ve known her for so long. You listen to all of her negative stories, remarks, and conversations. Then when you go home or hang up the phone, you feel negative and just mentally drained and just need a nap. Yeah, been there, done that. It’s time to distance yourself. Let go of that negativity.

2. Stop worrying about things you can’t control. A lot of negative thoughts and negative energy stems from stress and anxiety. We, I’m saying we because I’m guilty too, tend to worry about things that we have absolutely no control over. Personally, I worry about fulfilling other people’s expectations of me. When I graduated college, people expected me to move to LA and immediately start working for KKW. When that didn’t happen, I felt like I failed and I let people down. I want to slap myself just looking back on that because I let my self worth be controlled by other people’s expectations. Remember, all you can control is you and the present. Everything else is in God’s hands.

3. Find a mentor. I always, always, always say this, but it’s so important. Find someone that you can look up to and trust to help guide you through life’s negative moments. Life is hard man. It’s even harder and more overwhelming when you feel like you have to go through it on your own. My friend Reotta started off as my mentor first and eventually became my friend. She literally took me under her wing and help guide me to being a positive person. It wasn’t easy, but I trusted her. I looked up to her. I liked her vibe. She helped me in so many ways. Understand that you can’t do it alone and find someone that can help you.

4. Will this matter tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Kim told me this a while back and it all totally makes sense now. I know whatever is making you think negatively is currently making you feel like your world is crashing down, but seriously, will this matter in a few weeks or a few months? If so, try and fix it. If not, let. that. shit. GO. Worrying leads to stress and stress leads to negative vibes, energy, and thoughts. I thought my world was crashing just last month, but I found a way to remain positive and I got through it. Now I can look back on it and laugh! Don’t let the small things steal your joy.

5. Last, but certainly not least, build a connection with God! This is so so so important. A connection with God will guide you through the darkest nights. I’m not saying you have to go to church every morning and sit on the front row with the preacher’s wife, but you should open your Bible app every now and then. Research scriptures that will keep you encouraged. Listen to your favorite gospel song. My go to song when I’m down is The Battle’s Not Yours by Yolanda Adams. My friends say I think everything is a sign. I just really feel like God works in mysterious ways and sends us different signs to let us know that He is God and He is God ALONE. Pray more and ask God to protect your positivity.

I hope my tips helped you in some type of way. How do you remain positive? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments. Keep the positive vibes rolling!

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The Saint Pablo Tour

I attended the Saint Pablo Tour in Houston last night and it was CRAZY! For everyone that’s been asking on Twitter, I currently live and work in Houston. I moved from Louisiana to Houston in July. Anyway, I attended the show with my friend, Reotta. I talk about her a lot on here, so her name may sound familiar. Reotta’s housewarming was a few weeks ago and I thought this would be the perfect gift! She loves Kanye, too!

Kim had already said that she would get me tickets and I worked some magic for us to do a super cool live stream a few weeks ago. My dawg Pascal came and got us, we walked backstage, and everything basically played out on the live stream after that. I burst through the door like Portable Network Graphics image-A88D9B05EAEF-1.png

We live streamed for a bit, but the connection kept messing up. Poo wifi sucks ass. In between live streams, Kim and I talked some “Kim and Myleeza” talk. I missed her so much! We had so much to catch up on! I’m so happy that we could both agree that our relationship is beyond just fan and celebrity; even though I will always be her fan. We both said that we’re like old high school classmates. We don’t see each other that often, but every time we do meet, it’s like a “GIRLLL HEYYYY”. Just really chill. Here’s some good videos of us live streaming!

Pascal came and said Kanye’s going up on stage so we all jetted out the room, but not before Kim let us see the FAMOUS Henny & Coke slush machine.img_9915

I got a cup full! Me and Henny are besties! I even asked Kim to shout out my hometown, Bogalusa, Louisiana!

 We began to walk to our seats. You know I had to get some good Snapchat footage first though!

Kim even got a good Snap of us walking to our seats!

We got to our seats and everyone was going CRAZY for Kim. She really is a walking, living, breathing, LEGEND. I mean everyone was spazzing the fuck out. It’s a dope thing to witness. I was SO turnt for Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 and 2. Kim put me on her Snap going ham!

You knoooooooow me and Kim got SUPER LIT on Famous!

And I went STUPID for Black Skinhead

And of course, I lost my MIND for Freestyle 4

Then me and Kim both poured our hearts out for Waves! I LOVE this video!  We look like best friends!

In between songs, Kim and I caught up on more “Myleeza and Kim” talk and I snapped a few pics with her. I always forget to take pics with Kim, because we are always having too much fun!! She’s so much fun to be around! Ya’ll….I love Steph Shep so much. I’m about to start stanning for her! #StephShepHive

The show ended, but Kim left early to meet Ye like she does after every show. We stayed to see him perform Ultra Light Beam, but her security came and got us after to go backstage. We went STRAIGHT to they Henny & Coke machine! Hahaha We chilled with Ibn, Steph, and Travis for a minute, then Kim hit me up saying they left already. So, we ended up leaving soon, too.

The night was CRAZY! I had so much fun!! Kanye really killed it! I can’t stop thinking about it. I do the Jesus Walks dance in my head. Hanging with Kim is always fun…it’s like catching up with an old friend every single time! Love her!

Hope you enjoyed the videos and no, I will not make my Snapchat public. LOL

Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash

The Coolest, Most Dope People I Know Pt. 4 (Greek Edition)

I’m back telling you guys about the coolest most dope people I know! This time I’m doing a Greek edition for all of my favorite Greeks. In case you guys didn’t know, I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I pledged Delta my senior year of college and it is by far one of my biggest blessings. Delta is the reason why I was gone from social media for like 5 weeks last year and every one went crazy. haha Anyway, here are some of the coolest, most dope Greeks I know!

1. Sierra, Chelsea, and Brittany: Chelsea, Sierra, and Brittany are not only my line sisters, but they are also three of the FUNNIEST people I know! I met them my senior year of college, but it seems like we’ve known each other forever. We made SO many memories. We made those type of memories that will make you burst out laughing every time you think about them. You couldn’t say one of our names without saying the other 3. We nicknamed our self the Fantastic 4…that’s just how close we were! I love all of three of them to death! They make me so happy every time I see them. I know I can always depend on them for a quick Henny turn up at any given time. lol



2. La’Zhay McKinley: I’ve known La’Zhay since I was like 7, so basically all of my life. My cousin married her mom, so we’re practically family. Not only is La’Zhay a bomb Delta, but she’s one of my best friends! I know I describe everyone as funny, but ya’ll La’Zhay is SO funny! I love being around her so much because she literally makes you cry laughing from some of the things she says. If ya’ll think I’m dramatic…you have to meet La’Zhay. La’Zhay helped me so much getting to Delta and even more after I became a Delta. We would sit on the phone for like 2 hours just sharing experiences and stories. I really love this girl so much. She’s such a good friend and always come through in the clutch. *wink wink* haha! (She fine too right?)


3. Gigi Bad Azz:  Gigi is my prophyte and was one of the first Deltas I knew from my chapter. Ya’ll may remember Gigi from when I mentioned her as one of my all time favorite clap backers. (How to Execute the Perfect Clapback)  I just remember seeing her tweets being RT’ed on my timeline and she was always randomly going off on someone.  I clicked her account one day and I was literally fascinated. I used to lurk her tweets all the time. lmaooo I just couldn’t believe that someone could be so funny and so cool, but still have her shit together in real life. I remember the first time I actually met her in person. I didn’t even say anything…I just hugged her. Too bad she’s annoying af now tho. haha (Look how cool she is in the this pic tho!)


4. Tre Oliver: I knew Tre wayyyyy before Delta. I had been following Tre on Instagram forever, but I think I met him in person the first semester of my junior year. He’s a PR major too, so we had a class together. I knew Tre was an Alpha, but that’s all I knew about him. I sat in the front and he sat in the back. I have no idea how we got close, but ever since that class we have been inseparable. I remember one my classmates said something shady about Kim in one of our classes and he was like “Oh Lord, now why ya’ll getting Myleeza started? Ya’ll know she about to go off on everybody!” and I did indeed. BLOOP. Tre is really of my favorite people I’ve met in college. We had literally every class together. Every time I see him, we are extra over the top and dramatic. haha I love Tre so much!


Logging off,


How TF Did I Get Verified!?

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed this huge blue check by name. Yep…I got verified. How did it happen? I have no idea, but seeing that blue check by my name looks hella cool. I don’t get excited over much, but I got really excited over that blue check. It just looks dope and official.

Twitter allows you fill out this application for verification. One of my friends told me I should do it and I was like “Nahh. I know they will deny my head ass.” She was like, “No Myleeza. You have to apply. No way they will deny you!” She kept asking me to do it until I caved in.

I filled out the application in  June and three days later I received an email saying I had been denied. lmaooooooo I was like ok. Big bet.

Two days ago, I was pulling up to Chipotle and I got a follow notification from Verified on Twitter. I checked my Twitter and saw that I was verified. It’s crazy because they denied me months before! I wonder what made them verify me? I asked Kim did she tell them to verify me and she said no. She had no idea I was even verified. lol

Of course, people were on my egg plant after it happened saying “But aren’t you just a fan?” My answer is yes and no. I am a fan of Kim, that was the sole purpose of me creating this Myleeza Kardash persona, but I’ve done so much dope stuff outside of Twitter that the verified team at Twitter recognized and thought I deserved a blue check because of it.

Then people asked “But what do you do?” I had a IFLK (I Feel Like Kim) Moment. My answer to this is, I DO ME. Try it. It’s good for the soul.

Anyway, seeing that blue check makes me smile. I first created my Myleeza Kardash persona to let people on social media know that Kim’s fanbase wasn’t just a bunch of 11 year old little kids. I wanted them to know that Kim’s fans were smart, funny, and bout that life at all times! BLOOP. I never thought it would lead me to actually being verified, having this blog, being on TV, and making an actual friendship with Kim.

Thank you for all the congratulations on Twitter!! Also, shout out to everyone that was super pissed and jealous. If you hate me now, just wait…..


Logging off,

Myleeza Kardash





Everyone Won’t Be Happy For You

Yesterday, I had my weekly 30 minute conversation with my life coach and one of my favorite people in the world, Reotta. I asked if she saw where I was verified and she said “Yes!! You made it! Congratulations!” I thanked her and told her about how people on Twitter kinda killed my vibe by hopping on my eggplant and being so jealous of me.

She literally laughed at the fact that I really let myself be bothered when people on Twitter and even in real life are not happy for me.

I couldn’t help but wonder *Carrie Bradshaw voice*: Why do I care so much if people are happy for me or not?


I think my deep want for people to be happy for me stems back to my childhood. Ever since I can remember, I been popping my collaaaa. Nah, but seriously, ever since I can remember, I was always liked LOVED, by everyone I encountered. Whether it was school, church, or in my community, where I’m from EVERYONE loves Myleeza and I love that! I love being loved. I love being liked. Sounds super childish right?

I just love people so much and I want people to show me that some love in return.

I can have a million “Congratulations!” in my mentions, but as soon as I see that negative response, I always think “Well damn! *Gucci mane voice* What did I do to you?”

I’m like the Black Mary Poppins. I want to think everyone is full of positivity and love. In reality, everyone is not. My mom calls me the most naive person ever and I gotta admit, I am pretty naive.

Just like Reotta told me, “Myleeza, you want people to be happy for you so bad. But think about it, some of the people that claim they’re happy for you, aren’t even really happy for you.”

Her statement is true and makes a lot of sense, but I just hate thinking the worst of people, you know? However, when I think about it hurt people hurt people. Also, nothing brings miserable people more joy than to see more people miserable. Like Khaled’s famous quote says, “They don’t you to win, so you gotta win more!”

All in all, I have to learn that not everyone will be happy for you and that’s perfectly okay.

Logging out,

The Black Mary Poppins


Why My Snapchat Is Private

For a while now, people have been asking me if I have a Snapchat and I say yes. Then they would say, “Oh what’s your name? I want to follow you!” Then I’ll say it’s private and it’s like I break their heart! lol

I do have a Snapchat, but it’s private. I literally go back and forth everyday contemplating if I should make it public so everyone can see the real Myleeza and stop thinking I’m this snobbish person. I’m really SO funny and SO chill. If you love me on Twitter, you will really love me on Snapchat!

I don’t want to make it public because for one, I curse WAY too much on Snapchat. Maybe I’ll make it public when I learn how to behave. hahaha Secondly, my drunk Snaps are so embarrassing. Like I cringe at them! More importantly, I can say what I want on Snapchat without getting a million opinions and comments. It’s like a place where I go to let loose since I have to be pretty uptight and professional (not really lol) on my Twitter.

When I’m not ranting about something and being weird Myleeza, my Snaps usually consist of me videoing my little cousins and my nephew dancing terribly, me putting some kind of filter on my mom’s face, or me just vibing! Here are some videos!

Logging off,